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Dog Throws Up Missing Wedding Ring

Wisconsin woman Lois Matykowski lost her wedding ring 5 years ago and after looking everywhere for it, she accepted that it was gone and gave up looking for it. Little did she know that her dog had it the whole time!


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Watch World’s First Wingsuit BASE Jumping Dog Free Fall 13,000 Feet

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…flying dog?! Yes, there’s a first time for everything, and in this case, the flying dog is a BASE-jumping pooch named Whisper.


Mammas (Credit: Her owner)

Dog Missing After Interstate 5 Crash In Sacramento

A dog is missing after a big rig and a car collided in downtown Sacramento on Interstate 5 this morning.


File photo of a pit bull  terrier. (Credit: CBS13)

Authorities Searching For Dog Who Bit Woman At Woodland Dog Park

Woodland residents are being asked to help authorities find a dog that bit someone at a local park.


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Family Holds Fundraiser To Buy Diabetic-Alert Dog For Special-Needs Boy

California’s unusually warm winter weather has its pluses. One local family is taking advantage of the weather by making money with yard sales.


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Man Accused Of Hitting Woman With Ball-Throwing Device At Dog Park

An Auburn man is facing assault charges after, police say, he hit a woman during an argument at a dog park.


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Suspected Car Thief Accused Of Shooting Sheriff’s Department K-9 Dies From Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound

A man suspected of shooting a Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department K-9 officer has shot himself and has been apprehended.


Had this been a dog, would the NFL had been more outraged?
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California County Orders Pit Bulls Sterilized

Pit bulls and pit bull mixes be sterilized under the terms of a new ordnance in Riverside County.



Authorities Investigate Chicken Farmer’s Shovel-Killing Of Dogs

Authorities are looking into whether a Northern California chicken farmer broke any laws when he beat two pet dogs to death with a shovel, then burned and buried them.


Doggy pot

Doped Up Dogs: Veterinarians Share Dangers Of Fido Eating Medical Marijuana Stashes

Veterinarians are seeing a trend of dogs ingesting medical marijuana, and warning owners of the dangers and warning signs that could save their pet’s life.



Police: Fairfield Man Drowns Pit Bull Near Civic Center, Doesn’t Know Why He Did It

Fire department personnel reported seeing a man carrying a medium-sized dog into a pond at the civic center and dunking it into the water until it didn’t come back up for air.



Facebook Post Threatening Dog Brings Police Calls, Death Threat To Ceres Man

Mark says he recently turned to Facebook to vent after Stella had an accident and caused some damage in the house. Joking that he wanted to give the dog away, but it’s what he wrote next that had people fearful for the dog.