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Donald Trump's SNL Appearance Opens Door For Other Candidates To Get Equal Air TimeStations across the nation filed the notices alerting candidates to their opportunity on Monday to the Federal Communications Commission.
Aerosmith Frontman Asks Trump Campaign To Stop Using 'Dream On'Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is asking Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to stop using the power ballad "Dream On" at campaign events.
Donald Trump Defends 2nd Amendment Following Oregon ShootingsRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Saturday channeled 1970s action star Charles Bronson in defending Second Amendment rights in the aftermath of the shooting at an Oregon community college that left nine dead.
Donald Trump's New Book Coming Out in OctoberThreshold Editions announced Monday that Trump's book "will outline how a crippled America could be restored to greatness.
Ben Carson Making Quiet Rise In 2016 GOP Field Amid Donald Trump's BombastYet the 63-year-old Republican, the only African-American seeking the White House in 2016 - has tapped into the same wave of anti-establishment outrage fueling the billionaire realty TV star's rise.
Conservative Group Targeting Donald Trump With $1 Million Attack In IowaIt's from the Club for Growth, a Washington-based tax-cutting advocacy group that just months ago asked Trump for a contribution.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Takes Over For Trump On 'The Celebrity Apprentice'NBC announced Monday that the movie star and two-term governor is the new host of the competition show, which will return to the network for the 2016 television season.
Trump's Deportation Idea Similar To 1930s Mass RemovalsRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump's call for mass deportation of millions of immigrants living in the U.S. illegally, as well as their American-born children, bears similarities to a large-scale removal that many Mexican-American families faced 85 years ago.
Trump: Deport Children Of Immigrants Living Illegally In USRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump wants more than a wall to keep out immigrants living in the country illegally.
Tea Party Express Founder Compares Donald Trump's Run To Ross Perot's 1992 BidHe calls Trump the protest pick, similar to Perot. But eventually, the protest will need policy.
Gov. Brown To GOP: 'It's Time To Act' On Climate ChangeAs Republican Party candidates gear up for their first big debate, Gov. Jerry Brown released and open letter Wednesday to make sure one issue isn’t forgotten: climate change.
Macy's Dumps Trump Clothing Line In Response To Comments About ImmigrantsMacy's is the latest company to end its relationship with Donald Trump as the fallout from the real estate mogul's remarks about Mexican immigrants continues.
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