Drew Hoffar

Cam Newton

Audio: Carolina Panthers Analyst Jim Szoke Talks About Cam Newton’s Off-Season

Radio analyst Jim Szoke of the Carolina Panthers tells Jason and Drew that Cam Newton has been active with his teammates this off-season.

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Carmichael Dave Podcast 640x480

Audio: The Carmichael Dave Show – July 27, 2011

Today starts off with all the latest free agent signings and trade rumors in the NFL, Ervin Santana throws a no hitter for the Angels, the Pirates loss in the 19th inning on Jerry Meals’ […]

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Audio: The Grant Napear Show – July 26, 2011

Jason Ross and Drew Hoffar fill in for Grant today as they continue to cover all 32 NFL teams in 4 days with beat writers from every team joining the show to give a free […]

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Audio: The Grant Napear Show – July 1, 2011

Jason Ross and Drew Hoffar are in charge again with Grant on vacation, and the guys started the show by asking listeners to tell them about their favorite Northern California sports figures. After a little […]

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Audio: The Grant Napear Show – June 30, 2011

Jason and Drew began their two-day run as Kings of the Grant Napear Show with a three-hour Sacramento Kings blowout. The NBA Lockout officially begins at midnight, so the guys took advantage of their last […]

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JJ Hickson

Audio: The Newest Member Of The Kings, J.J. Hickson Talks About What He’ll Bring To The Court

JJ Hickson – the newest member of the Sacramento Kings – joined Jason to give Kings fans a preview of what to look forward to on the court.

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Coach Paul Westphal

Audio: Coach Paul Westphal Talks About The Pending NBA Lockout

Coach Paul Westphal gets in his last words on all things Kings before the NBA Lockout goes into effect.

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Jeff Phelps

Audio: NBA Broadcaster Jeff Phelps Talks About The Casspi / Hickson Trade

Jeff Phelps of Cavaliers Television breaks down the JJ Hickson/Omri Casspi deal and tells the listeners more about what Hickson brings to the table.

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Audio: The Grant Napear Show – May 31, 2011

Jason and Drew are back to enjoy their final day with the keys to the car before Grant returns tomorrow. Jim Tressel’s resignation is the big topic of the day, with Jason and Drew taking […]

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Yogi Stewart

Audio: Michael “Yogi” Stewart Talks About Life After The NBA

Former Kings’ ballboy-turned-starting-center Michael “Yogi” Stewart joins Jason to update fans on what he’s been doing since leaving the NBA. Stewart went from being undrafted to starting for the Kings and eventually setting a record […]

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Chris Cabaldon

Audio: West Sacramento Mayor Chris Cabaldon Talks About The “Here We Build” Committee

Mayor of West Sacramento Chris Cabaldon talks with Jason Ross about the new “Here We Build” committee formed by Mayor Johnson to address funding for a new arena in Sacramento.

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Tim Brando

Audio: Tim Brando Talks About The Ohio State Scandal

Tim Brando of CBS Sports offers his take on the Ohio State scandal, predicting that, at the very least, the Buckeyes are facing a penalty at least as harsh as USC’s recent sanctions.

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