California To Stop Suspending Licenses For Traffic FinesCalifornians will no longer face losing their driver's licenses because of unpaid traffic fines starting next month.
California Could Spend $220M To Upgrade Driver's LicensesWith a deadline looming, California is planning to spend more than $220 million to bring driver's licenses and state identification cards up to federal standards.
Cailf. Receives Almost 500K Driver's License Applications From Illegal Immigrants Since New Law Took EffectCalifornia received nearly a half-million applications for driver's licenses from immigrants in the country illegally in the three months since a new law took effect.
California DMV Expects 1.4 Million Immigrants To Seek Driver's Licenses Over Three YearsCalifornia is one of 10 states that now provide licenses to immigrants in the country illegally. The licenses issued to immigrants without legal status will include a distinctive marking and are not considered a valid form of federal identification.
California Weighs Undocumented Immigrant License RequirementsOfficials are trying to strike a balance between having a secure license and making it accessible to immigrants who are currently prohibited from driving.
Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Immigrant Driver's License Bill Into California LawDemocratic Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill in front of a cheering crowd of immigrants and their supporters, predicting other parts of the country will follow the example set by the nation's most populous state.
Gov. Brown To Sign Bill Giving Immigrants LicensesGov. Jerry Brown is expected to sign a bill Thursday adding California to the growing list of states allowing immigrants in the country illegally to obtain driver licenses.
Gov. Brown To Sign Bill Giving Immigrants Licenses