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California City Hopes A Little Humor Might Slow Down Drivers

A Northern California city is using humor to get drivers to slow down and pedestrians to pay attention.


The Grant Napear Show

The Grant Napear Show – October 22, 2014 – Seg 7

This week’s installment of Grant’s Golf Hour began with an interview with Jeff Stewart of Nike Golf. Jeff told Grant about the three new lines of clubs Nike will be releasing in the coming weeks, […]



Sports Verdict: Should NASCAR Drivers Be Considered True Athletes?

In the wake of Jimmie Johnson securing his 6th NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship, Donovan McNabb expressed his belief that NASCAR drivers are not true athletes. Is he out of line, or is this type of racing in no way a sport?


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Drivers Exploiting Carpool Lane On Golden Gate Bridge

Officials say drivers are exploiting a glitch in the Golden Gate Bridge’s transition from human toll takers to an all-electronic system.