Opossum Breaks Into Liquor Store And Gets Drunk As A Skunk On BourbonAn opossum that apparently drank bourbon after breaking into a Florida liquor store sobered up at a wildlife rescue center and was released unharmed.
Man Sues City After Drunkenly Jumping Out Of AmbulanceA New York City man who says the city didn't do enough to keep him from drunkenly jumping out of the back of a moving ambulance has filed a lawsuit.
Drunk Man Steals Forklift, 'Needed To Drive'Florida Keys authorities say a drunken man from Rhode Island stole a forklift and crashed into a gate, telling deputies he lost his car keys and needed something to drive.
Flight From Sacramento To Seattle Diverted Because Of Disruptive PassengerA Seattle-bound flight from Sacramento was diverted to Portland after a passenger, who was reportedly drunk, caused a disturbance.
Man Stabbed While Walking In South Sacramento A man was stabbed while walking through south Sacramento overnight is recovering in the hospital.
Drunk Man Steals Taxi Cab After Throwing Up In ItPolice are looking for a man who threw up in a taxi cab and then stole it over the weekend.
Deputies Say Extremely Drunk Mom Took Kids On StrollSacramento County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a woman they say was extremely drunk while pushing her kids in a stroller.
Sacramento ICU Doctor’s License Suspended For Practicing DrunkA Sacramento doctor is accused of showing up to work and treating patients drunk.
14 Year Old Allegedly Caught Driving Drunk Parents To Buy BoozeSacramento Police did not arrest parents who were drunk and had their 14-year-old son drive them to the liquor store.