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5 Back To School Things Teachers Would Love Your Help With

Seasoned instructors share the essentials for your child’s transition back to the classroom.


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Sacramento Goes Retro: Jobs Report Returns To Levels Of May 2008

The Sacramento region climbs out of the great recession with historic numbers.


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Sacramento Nurse’s Childhood Experience Connects Her With Patients

A Sacramento nurse uses personal experience and education as she excels with the personal touch.


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Dual Degree Leads Sacramentan To Shine As A Business Journalist

An intellectual restlessness makes for a great businesswoman and a great journalist for Sacramentan Stephanie Flores.


New law makes it easier for school districts to fire abusive and problem teachers. (Getty Images)

Governor Signs Bill To Streamline Teacher Firings

New law makes it easier for school districts to fire abusive and problem teachers.


The case that goes to trial Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court is the latest battle in a growing nationwide challenge to union-backed protections for teachers in an effort to hold them more accountable for their work.  (Getty Images)

UPDATE: Calif. Judge Rules Teacher Tenure Law Unconstitutional

Tenure and other job protections for California’s public school teachers were ruled unconstitutional Tuesday by a judge presiding in a lawsuit brought by nine students.


WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 15: David Douglass, a student at University of California at Berkeley, leads a protest in support of affirmative action, outside the Supreme Court during the hearing of 'Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action' on October 15, 2013 in Washington, DC. The case revolves around affirmative action and whether or not states have the right to ban schools from using race as a consideration in school admissions. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Affirmative Action Push Driving Divide Between California’s Democrats

Nearly 20 years after California became the first state to ban the use of race and ethnicity in college admissions, a proposal to reinstate affirmative action has sparked a backlash that is forging a new divide in the state’s powerful Democratic Party and creating opportunity for conservatives.



Candidate Neel Kashkari Releases Proposal To Fix Public Schools

Republican gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari is releasing his proposals to fix California schools, which include getting rid of the state’s complex education code and sending state funding directly to schools rather than districts.


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Sacramento CEO Understands How To Keep Up With The Changing Technology Field

Jonathan Cross, CEO of Pondera Solutions, offers advice for those who want to balance real-world experience with evolving technology.


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Former Sacramento Officer Prepares Future Officers To Avoid A Culture Shock

As a former corrections officer, Walter Blohm tells us what struggles new hires may face, and what comes after wearing a badge when you first step inside the jail.


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Marriage and Family Therapist In Sacramento Used Volunteer Work To Fine Tune Her Career

Danae Azevedo explains how recent graduates can find paid work opportunities by first seeking volunteer gigs.


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Technology Teacher Prepares Sacramento Students For What Lies Ahead

Joe Wood explains how education is changing and how we need to be prepared to change with it.