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Call Kurtis: Wedding Venue Forced Closed Leaving Couples to Scramble

Brittany West said she found out by word of mouth Wisteria Gardens in Elk Grove was shutting down for not having the right permits. She says five months out from her big day marrying her fiancé Javier, she saw a Facebook post saying Wisteria Gardens was having problems.


elk grove assist

Elk Grove Weighs Giving City Council Full-Time Assistants

Currently, the city spends about $45,000 a year on part-time assistants. The city is weighing everything between $53,000 for one full-time assistant, or five of them at more than $250,000 a year.


transit battle

Elk Grove Transit, RT Battling Over Payments

Assemblyman Jim Cooper is pushing a proposed state law that would allow Elk Grove to stop paying hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to Regional Transit.



Police: Sacramento Man Shot Dead By Robbers In His Backyard

Police say Ricardo Minjares, 42, heard noises coming from his backyard that sounded like burglars. They say that’s when Minjares checked to see what it was. The suspects took off, but not before firing at him through the fence.


pot bust

Pot Growing Operation Uncovered At Elk Grove Home Following Fire

Neighbors saw no sign of a marijuana operation here, but police say they bust a few of these types of grows in Elk Grove a month.


Firefighters responding to the scene. (Credit: Benjamin Buoy)

Illegal Pot Grow Discovered At Elk Grove Home After Fire

Authorities say a fire helped lead them to an illegal marijuana grow inside of an Elk Grove home Sunday.


pot grow discovered

Wildlife Officials Warn Of Illegal Pot Grows In Parks After Suspect Shot Dead Near Elk Grove

A suspected pot grower is dead after a state game warden says he was forced to fire in the Stones Lake Wildlife Refuge.


shooting 2

Sheriff: Suspect Shot By Officer During Pot Grow Raid At Wildlife Refuge

Authorities say a Fish and Wildlife officer shot an armed suspect at a wildlife preserve south of Elk Grove Wednesday morning.



Elk Grove Native Projected To Be A Top Pick In NFL Draft

Quarterbacks beware, Arik Armstead is coming.



Sprinklers At Park In Elk Grove Run After Rain Rolls Through

With so many of us trying to conserve, you can imagine how angry people were – when they saw sprinklers gushing at one Elk Grove park just after a rainstorm rolled through.


road crack

Elk Grove Neighbors Concerned Expanding Cracks Could Become Dangerous Potholes

On the surface, it doesn’t look that bad, but the closer you look, motorists’ concerns become clear. Laguna Boulevard in Elk Grove is one of the most heavily traveled roadways in an already quickly expanding city.


elk grove shootig

Robbery, Shooting Leaves Elk Grove Neighborhood On Edge

Investigators say Stone’s neighbor was robbed at gunpoint, and was shot during a struggle in the upper body. Thieves made off with undisclosed items.