Space Shuttle Endeavour Retires After Its Final Mission

Shuttle Endeavour Readies For Trek Around Los Angeles To Museum

It flew over the skies of Sacramento on its farewell flight, and now with much fanfare and a huge crowd of onlookers expected, the space shuttle Endeavour is about to start its two-day parade through the streets of Los Angeles.


A boy watches as the space shuttle Endeavour approaches downtown Sacramento on top of a Boeing 747 on Friday, Sept. 21, 2012. (credit: CBS13)

Crowds Turn Out To See Historic Endeavour Flyover

Thousands gathered around various spots in the Sacramento area Friday morning to watch the end of an era with the space shuttle Endeavour flying by atop a 747 before retiring to a museum in Los Angeles.


space shuttle Endeavour Arrives In L.A. Atop Transport Plane

Endeavour Makes Final Landing In Los Angeles

Space shuttle Endeavour landed safely at the Los Angeles International Airport Friday after a whirlwind aerial tour around California landmarks.


(credit: Bruce Weaver/Getty Images)

Shuttle Endeavour Makes Tour Over California

Space shuttle Endeavour embarked on its tour of California on Friday morning, flying over Sacramento before heading to the Bay Area.


Space Shuttle Enterprise Departs Washington DC For New York Atop 747

Send Us Your Shuttle Endeavour Photos!

CBS Sacramento wants your photos of the Shuttle Endeavour flyover!


endeavour shuttle

Many Plan To Pack Downtown Sacramento For Endeavour’s Flight

Weather will delay Endeavour’s victory lap around California, but it’s better late than never.


Space Shuttle Endeavour Begins Trip To Los Angeles

Endeavour’s Flyover Pushed Back 1 Hour Due To Fog Concerns In San Francisco

The Northern California flyover for space shuttle Endeavour has been delayed an hour because of concerns about fog in San Francisco on Friday morning, according to NASA.


Space Shuttle Endeavour Retires After Its Final Mission

Endeavour Flies Over Tucson In Honor Of Former Congresswoman, Husband

Space shuttle Endeavour flew over Tucson on Thursday in honor of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her astronaut husband before continuing its trek west to retirement in a Los Angeles museum.


Space Shuttle Endeavour Begins Trip To Los Angeles

Endeavour Stops In Houston En Route To California

Waving American flags and space shuttle toys, hundreds of people lined the streets and crowded the airport Wednesday as they watched space shuttle Endeavour touch down in Houston on its way to be permanently displayed in California.