Generic crime scene tape. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Active Grenade Found Outside McDonald’s Restaurant In Maryland

An active military-grade hand grenade was uncovered Saturday afternoon in the parking lot outside a Maryland McDonald’s.


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Manteca Teens Injured After Explosive Thrown Into Party

A large group of Sierra High School teens were at an unsupervised house party on Friday night when police say someone outside of the party threw the fireworks over a wall and into the backyard. Several kids were hurt, but Rangel’s daughter and her two friends suffered the worst.


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Modesto Bomb Squad Robot Detonates Potential Explosive

A bomb team detonated a potential explosive device found in west Modesto Sunday afternoon.


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Detectives: Explosives Found In Manteca Parolee’s Home

Explosives, similar to those used by the Oklahoma City Bomber, were found in a Manteca home by authorities.