Central California Man Posted Facebook Statuses During SWAT StandoffAuthorities have arrested a man who posted messages on Facebook while surrounded by SWAT teams after a five-hour standoff in Bakersfield.
How To Start Your Own Travel BlogFive helpful tips to help you get started on creating your own travel blog
Nasdaq Looking To Rebuild Relationship With Startups Amid Stiff CompetitionIt's no coincidence the center's in a region rife with new tech startups. Facebook, Google and Apple are all traded on Nasdaq.
Facebook Works With Germany To Block Anti-Immigrant ContentFacebook will cooperate with the German government to block hateful or offensive posts about refugees fleeing war-torn Syria.
Zuckerberg: Facebook Is Working On 'Dislike' ButtonFacebook users hoping to convey their disapproval of content posted to the site may be in luck.
Study: 20 Percent Of Teens Wake Up During Night To Check FacebookA new study finds that 20 percent of teenagers wake up during the night to check their Facebook.
Facebook Offering Virtual Assistant For Messaging AppFacebook is testing the artificial intelligence-powered service, called simply "M," inside its messaging app, Messenger, with some users.
VIDEO: 40-Pound Woman Suffering From Anorexia Stands For The First Time In MonthsRachel Farrokh, a woman suffering from a severe case of anorexia made a video asking people to help her get to a hospital in California for treatment.
Modesto Vigilantes Attack Homeless Man After False Facebook Warning Goes ViralThe post was all over Facebook on Friday, complete with a description of the man, and where to find him. It didn't take long before police say a group of guys took the law into their own hands.
Facebook Turns Roseville Child Porn Suspect Over To AuthoritiesA Roseville man is behind bars after Facebook contacted authorities about some illegal activity found on the social media site.
California Assemblyman Accidentally Votes For State Budget While On FacebookA bitter split over the revised California budget seemed to have a lone spot of bipartisanship on Monday, but that's because one Assemblyman was on Facebook.
Facebook Plea Helps Woman Escape Ex-Boyfriend's Violent AttackLying in wait in the garage with a knife, Yuba County Sheriff’s deputies say Parrish Heavens ambushed his 41-year-old ex-girlfriend when she got home from work in Plumas Lake. He’s accused of raping her, and cutting her face with the knife he eventually turned on himself, cutting his own throat.