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What Gift Meant The Most To CBS Sacramento Viewers On Christmas

We asked our viewers on Facebook to answer a simple question for us: What gift meant the most to you this holiday season?


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Facebook To Sell 70M Shares, 41M Of Them From CEO

Facebook plans to offer 70 million shares of its Class A stock in a sale that includes more than 41 million shares from chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who also will buy Class B shares that carry more voting weight.


gap ad

Sikh Group Planning Protest Of Gap Ad At Davis Store

Organizers hope to have 300 people protest the ad, which they say features “a woman’s hand lustfully placed on [a man’s] turban and chest.”



Chico Councilman Accuses Police Officer Of Posting Racially Insensitive Facebook Photos

One featured a skull painted like the confederate flag, another shows the president’s face painted like the Joker. There’s another featuring the president dressed in tribal garb, while another post has a homophobic slur.


EDD Problems

EDD Offers Help At State Capitol, But Doesn’t Tell Anyone About It

A search of EDD’s website, as well as its Facebook and Twitter accounts show no mention of Wednesday’s attempted outreach.


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Study: Facebook May Be Able To Predict Divorce

A new study suggests that Facebook can predict when a married user will get divorced even before the user may know.


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Shhh: Is It Possible To Keep Your Home Private Today?

Who’s watching you? What are they learning about you? And how can you turn it off?


student protesters

Lodi Unified Revises Social Media Policy Following Student Protests

After weeks of protest and controversy, the Lodi Unified School District has approved a new social media policy after students said the original policy violated their First Amendment rights.


Bounced By Facebook

Facebook Is New Bouncer At Finnegan’s Irish Pub in Stockton

Finnegan’s Irish Pub only lets its prescreened Facebook friends in after 9 p.m. to weed out potential troublemakers, undesirables, riffraff.



Facebook To Test Mobile Payments Service

Facebook says it plans to test a mobile payments service that lets users make purchases inside mobile applications using payment information they have added to their account on the social network.


Lodi Social media

Lodi High Students Score Victory Against District Social-Media Policy

The policy stated if someone liked or retweeted something that was inappropriate or considered an act of bullying, then they could be suspended from sports or other extracurricular activities.



Facebook Post Threatening Dog Brings Police Calls, Death Threat To Ceres Man

Mark says he recently turned to Facebook to vent after Stella had an accident and caused some damage in the house. Joking that he wanted to give the dog away, but it’s what he wrote next that had people fearful for the dog.