Not Taking a Toll: Government Agencies Avoid Paying

Not Taking a Toll: Government Agencies Avoid Paying

Everybody pays whether coming or going from or to the bay area, four to six bucks for the average car, up to 35 for the biggest truck.

CBS13/CW31 Television–05/06/2013


Call Kurtis: State Taps Woman’s Tax Refund To Pay Ticket That Wasn’t Hers

Bonnie McSweeney said she has never been to San Mateo, but Fastrak said otherwise. The Bay Area agency tasked with running electronic toll booths sent McSweeney a ticket — dated months after she’d sold the car — for driving the car through the toll plaza in San Mateo.

CBS Sacramento–04/22/2013

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Call Kurtis: What To Do If You’re Caught Without Cash At The Toll Bridge

Drivers who get stuck in the wrong lane at a bridge toll end up stiffed with a $25 fine from FasTrak. But Call Kurtis uncovered how you may be able to get out of a pricey ticket.


CK: FasTrak tickets

Call Kurtis: These Aren’t My FasTrak Violations

If you’ve ever received a ticket for something you didn’t do, you know it’s a pain to dispute it. A Sacramento driver called Kurtis after getting more than a dozen FasTrak tickets she swears she doesn’t deserve.