Feather River


Yuba City Homeless Served Eviction Notices To Make Way For Park

Police in Yuba City have served eviction notices to over 100 homeless people who live along the Feather River as the city moves forward with building a park there.



Man’s Claim of Bear Rescue Could Be Hoax

Sixty-nine-year-old Bob Biggs’ claims of a lion attack made national news, but now could turn out to be false.


File photo. (Credit: Robert King/Getty Images)

Man Says Bear Saved Him From Mountain Lion Attack In Butte County

A 69-year-old local man says he has been hiking for decades. But on one recent outing along the Feather River in Butte County, a mountain lion pounced on him and knocked him to the ground.



Family Mourns 3 Killed In Feather River Accident

Family and friends have gathered to remember a 16-year-old Oroville boy who drowned along with two other relatives when their car plunged into the Feather River.