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Bus Safety Mandates Introduced After Deadly Orland Bus Crash

A California lawmaker is proposing sweeping bus safety reforms after last year’s fiery collision between a FedEx tractor-trailer and a tour bus full of students that killed 10.


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Feds To Share Results Of Fatal Crash Involving Bus And FedEx Truck In Orland

The likely cause of a bus-truck crash last year that killed 10 people in Northern California may soon be revealed, but not the reason why a FedEx driver veered across an interstate median into oncoming traffic.


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Fourth of July 2015: What’s Open And What’s Closed In Sacramento?

Since Independence Day, July 4, is on Saturday this year, some government offices and businesses are shifting the holiday to Friday or Monday.


An NTSB investigative team views remaining wreckage of FedEx truck-trailer. (Credit: File/NTSB)

Conflicting Reports In Search For Cause Of Deadly Orland Bus Crash

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – Investigators still have not concluded why a FedEx truck slammed into a bus full of high school students more than a year ago, killing 10. Thousands of pages of documents released […]



‘Parcel Pirates’ Following Delivery Trucks, Stealing Packages

Wednesday was the busiest delivery day of the year. This holiday season, package deliveries are up by about 12 percent. Also on the rise are package thefts.


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Money Laundering Charge Added To FedEx Drug Case

Federal prosecutors say several addicts died soon after receiving shipments of illegal prescription drugs sent via FedEx.


Scene of the deadly crash the day after. (Credit: CBS13)

Causes Of Death Released In April Orland Tour Bus Crash

The Glenn County Sheriff-Coroner’s office said Monday that seven of the victims in April’s crash succumbed from asphyxiation due to smoke inhalation. The other two died of multiple traumas from the collision.


An NTSB investigative team views remaining wreckage of FedEx truck-trailer. (Credit: File/NTSB)

NTSB: FedEx Semi Didn’t Brake Before Orland Crash

Federal safety investigators say the driver of a FedEx tractor-trailer that struck a bus carrying high school students didn’t appear to brake before a fiery collision that left 10 dead.


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Cause Of Deadly Orland Bus Crash Unknown

It was a busload of opportunity: young, low-income, motivated students, destined to become the first in their families to go to college, journeying from the concrete sprawl of Los Angeles to a remote redwood campus 650 miles north.



Sheriff Gives Wrongly Mailed Medical Records Back To FedEx

Jerri Crabtree received a box of medical records and credit card information from FedEx that didn’t belong to her.


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Woman Turns Over Mis-Mailed Medical Records To Sheriff’s Department

She says a FedEx security manager showed up at her door on Friday and tried to explain it was all a big mistake.


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FedEx Ships Hundreds Of Medical Records To Carmichael Woman’s Home

A woman opened a box mailed to her home and found the names, test results, credit card information, and medical records for hundreds of people.