House Approves Harvey Relief Aid As FEMA Runs Low On MoneyLawmakers have approved nearly $8 billion in funding for relief aid following the devastation left by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana.
Red Tape Keeping FEMA Trailers From Butte Fire VictimsSince putting their property on the list for debris removal by the Calaveras County Environmental Health Department in September, stability has been hard to come by.
Feds Approve $20 Million For Victims Of California WildfiresFederal authorities have approved more than $20 million in disaster aid for victims of two massive wildfires that devastated parts of Northern California this summer.
FEMA Providing Modular Homes For Butte, Valley Fire VictimsFEMA officials are bringing in temporary homes for people who lost their homes in the Valley and Butte fires, which left thousands homeless.
20 Years After Neighborhood Floods, Roseville Earns Top Rating For ProtectionIt now exceeds them and is the only city in the country to receive a Class 1 rating from FEMA.
Natomas Ready To Start Building As Drought Worries Hang Over GrowthWhile the drought is prompting some cities to require tougher water restrictions for construction on new homes, that’s not the case in Natomas. More than 1,000 new homes can be built in Natomas, an area that hasn’t seen any growth in years.
Natomas Building Moratorium Set To End On June 16; Building Permits Accepted April 1An ordinance to allow construction to resume for the first time since 2008 was approved by the council. The city's community development department will start accepting building permit applications on Wednesday.
Natomas Ready To Start Building As Feds Expected To End 7-Year MoratoriumConcerns over flooding in the wake of Hurricane Katrina were felt thousands of miles away in Natomas. The Federal Emergency Management Agency raised standards for levees after the 2005 hurricane. This put previously OK levees classified as substandard, which halted construction in Natomas in 2008.
City Gears For Construction Boom As Natomas Building Moratorium May Be LiftedThe city’s planning department is preparing for development to take off, with thousands of projects expected this year.
Federal Help For Victims Of Napa QuakeIndividuals and homeowners who sustained damage in the South Napa Earthquake may now be eligible for certain kinds of federal assistance. Money is available to help eligible displaced individuals in Napa and Solano counties to repair essential living areas.
Expert Advice On How To Prepare For An EarthquakeA leading earthquake expert offers important tips for sheltering in place and evacuation. Be prepared.
Top 10 Earthquake Survival Kit Must-HavesEarthquakes can happen at any time, so preparedness should be maintained on an ongoing basis.