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Bill BRanch

Loomis Residents Embroiled In Battle Over Fire Chief Serving As City Councilman

“Mr. Wheeler, we’ve said all along would probably make a very good council member, probably make a very good fire chief. But not at the same time. That’s illegal.”


Recycling fire stock

Stockton Recycling Center Fire May Have Spread Flames Two Miles Away

Drivers along Interstate 5 on Thursday reported seeing hot embers carried by winds gusting over 40 mph from the fire.


Loomis Fire Chief and City Councilman

Loomis Activists Upset At Fire Chief’s Shared Role

LOOMIS (CBS13) — If the small city of Loomis was a family, you might call it a dysfunctional one. The uproar is between a group of Loomis activists and Loomis fire chief and newly elected […]