fire hydrant


Broken Hydrant In Antelope Gushed Water For Hours

A broken fire hydrant shot water out for more than two hours early Thursday morning.



Broken Fire Hydrant Floods Parking Lot Of Roseville Shopping Center

The parking lot at a popular Roseville shopping center is a muddy mess after a broken fire hydrant flooded it early Monday morning.


fire hydrant

Modesto Fire Hydrant Thefts Costing Taxpayers Thousands

Metal thieves are seeking out a new target that could put your lives at risk.


Truck Collides With Hydrant

Truck Crashes Into Fire Hydrant, Road Rage Suspected

A road rage incident could be to blame for a huge mess on the road in south Sacramento.


(credit: CBS)

SoCal Homes Damaged After Carjacking Suspect Crashes Into Hydrant

Crews are working to clean up a watery mess after a carjacking suspect crashed into a high-pressure fire hydrant.


(credit: CBS)

Runaway Trailer Shears Off Fire Hydrant, Flooding Street

A runaway trailer created quite a mess after it rolled down a steep hill and sheared off a fire hydrant causing a small flood.