DWR Says Oroville Dam Main Spillway Won't Be Used This WeekCalifornia Department of Water Resources officials said Sunday that the lake level stayed below 800 feet (244 meters) and inflows are now tapering off.
Mattress Store Chain Takes In People Seeking Refuge From HarveyThe owner of a Houston mattress chain has opened up his stores as a shelter for hundreds of Texans displaced by floods.
Trump Traveling To Texas For Briefings On Harvey RecoveryHurricanes have often presented American presidents with the potential for political advantage — and in some cases, peril.
Rescue Teams Pull Hundreds From Rising FloodwatersRising water chased thousands of people to rooftops or higher ground and overwhelmed rescuers who could not keep up with the constant calls for help.
Crews Start Emergency Levee Repairs Downstream From Oroville DamWork crews have started emergency repairs to a damaged levee downstream of the Northern California dam that overflowed this winter.
Homes Evacuated After California River Swells From SnowmeltAuthorities say 90 homes remain under mandatory evacuation orders following levee breaches along the Kings River in Central California.
California Billionaire Donates $5M To San Jose Flood ReliefA California billionaire has donated $5 million for flood relief efforts in San Jose.
California Faces $50B Price Tag For Flood Control FixesCalifornia faces an estimated $50 billion price tag for roads, dams and other infrastructure threatened by floods such as the one that severely damaged Oroville Dam last month, the state's natural resources secretary said Wednesday.
Gov. Brown Seeks $437 Million For Flood ControlCalifornia Gov. Jerry Brown wants to spend $437 million on flood control and emergency response in the water-logged state.
Thousands Evacuated As Floods Inundate Areas Of San JoseRising floodwaters sent at least 14,000 residents fleeing inundated homes in San Jose and forced the shutdown of a major freeway Wednesday.
Despite Problems With Oroville Dam Spillway, Officials Say Flood Risk In Sacramento NegligibleThe instability of the emergency spillway in Oroville is now drawing concerns about our flood system as a whole.
Evacuation Orders Intact As Water Officials Analyze Oroville Dam Emergency SpillwayButte County Sheriff has issued an evacuation notice for the low levels of Oroville and areas downstream from the Oroville Dam.