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Folsom Dam

Credit: CBS13

First New Folsom Dam Gate Delivered

Rolling lane closures and a California Highway Patrol escort signaled the arrival of one of Folsom Lake’s new spillway gates.


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New Dam Will Provide Better Flood, Drought Control For Folsom Lake

Currently, the US Army Corps of Engineers requires Folsom Lake be kept at about half-empty in the winter months, no matter what the forecast says.


Credit: CBS13

New Gates For Folsom Dam On Their Way

Taking a break before the next leg of its trek, a massive new spillway gate bound for Folsom Dam is parked in Dunnigan.


Folsom Dam flow

Folsom Dam Outflow Slashed Nearly In Half Amid Historically Dry California Winter

The Bureau of Reclamation is drastically cutting back on water releases from the Folsom Dam into the American River from 800 cubic feet per second to just 500 cfs by Friday.


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Driver Says He’s Lucky To Be Alive After Truck Plummeted 150 Feet To Folsom Dam Base

“It’s just crazy. It’s crazy to think that someone would get in an accident like I got into, and had a vehicle look the way my truck looks, and to know a week later I’m walking around, talking.”


Chris McGuigan

Driver’s Dad: Son Thankful To Be Alive After 150-Foot Plunge Near Folsom Dam

The father of a driver who plunged 150 feet down an embankment to the base of Folsom Dam found his son’s truck with an iPhone app that led him to the accident scene.


Credit: CBS

Driver Seriously Injured After Plunging Down Folsom Dam Embankment

A driver is in critical condition after his truck left the road and plunged down an embankment to the base of Folsom Dam.


Credit: CBS

Rain And Snow Melt Force Increased Water Released From Folsom Dam

Recent rains and increasing snow melt are forcing the Bureau of Reclamation to increase releases from Folsom Dam in order to make more room in Folsom Lake.


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Feds Dumping More Water From Folsom Lake To Make Room For June Rain

Federal officials are dumping more water from Folsom to make way for rain and runoff from this week’s late storm and they are warning people to be cautious if they head out to the American River.


Credit: CBS

Dam Release Prompts Warning Along Lower American River

Officials are warning boaters and swimmers about the dangers of water levels that continue to rise on the lower American River.


Folsom Dam (credit: USBR)

Water Releases Out Of Folsom Lake To Double In Anticipation Of Stormy Weather

Officials in charge of Folsom Lake are getting ready for a series of wet storms forecast to his Northern California by doubling water releases from the reservoir to make room for more water.