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Folsom Lake

Richard's booking photo. (Credit: Placer County Sheriff's Office)

Big Wake Weekend Promoter Arrested On Fraud Charges

The promoter of last year’s Big Wake Weekend at Folsom Lake has been arrested on fraud charges, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office announced Friday.


Credit: CBS13

Folsom Lake Busy, But Levels Still Far Below Average

The water ways were busy Sunday as the warm sun sparkled on the Sacramento River.


Credit: CBS13

First New Folsom Dam Gate Delivered

Rolling lane closures and a California Highway Patrol escort signaled the arrival of one of Folsom Lake’s new spillway gates.


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New Dam Will Provide Better Flood, Drought Control For Folsom Lake

Currently, the US Army Corps of Engineers requires Folsom Lake be kept at about half-empty in the winter months, no matter what the forecast says.


Too low to deliver

Drought Could Leave Folsom Lake Levels Too Low To Pump To Residents

If the lake level, which is at historic lows, drops close to the intake valve at 320 feet, water from the lake can’t get into the tubes to be pumped to people who need it.


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Weekend Rain Breathes Some Life Into Barren Folsom Lake

Even though some parts of the lake still look like a desert after a heavy rain, there’s reason the feds are somewhat optimistic.


Folsom Lake Plane Search

Low Folsom Lake Water Levels Help Narrow Search Areas For 50-Year-Old Plane Crash

Plummeting water levels are fueling the search for answers in a decades old mystery at Folsom Lake.


Water restrictions

San Juan Water District Asks Residents To Stop Outdoor Water Use

The move comes after a suggested 20 percent reduction in overall water use in homes that could move up to 50 percent if the winter leaves Folsom Lake dry.


Folsom Dam flow

Folsom Dam Outflow Slashed Nearly In Half Amid Historically Dry California Winter

The Bureau of Reclamation is drastically cutting back on water releases from the Folsom Dam into the American River from 800 cubic feet per second to just 500 cfs by Friday.


2013 was a record dry year for many communities in California. (Getty Images)

California marks 2013 as historically dry year

Sacramento ended 2013 14 inches below average rainfall.


File photo (credit: parks.gov.ca)

Folsom Lake Water Level Drops To Near-Record Low

Officials say water levels at the lake haven’t been this low since the late 1970′s. The lake is below 20 percent of capacity. At this time in 2012, it was at 80 percent of capacity.


Folsom Lake Low

Water Restrictions Coming As Folsom Lake Levels Projected To Set Record

Folsom tells homeowners to turn off sprinklers as Folsom Lake was at 367 feet on Monday, or 21 percent of capacity and 43 percent of normal for this time of the year.