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Barge Part Of Plan To Keep Water Flowing From Folsom Lake During California Drought

A barge made up of a few large floating platforms linked together with pumps links to the city of Folsom are part of a plan they hope to not use.


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Reservoir Flyover Shows Continued Effects Of California’s Drought

A new video posted Wednesday highlights the state’s continued state of drought.



Folsom Lake Releases In Drought Mean Recreation Season Coming To An End Soon

The State Water Resources Control Board says the plan is to drop the lake to 12 percent of capacity, or 120,000 acre feet by September.



Low Folsom Lake Water Levels Force Boaters To Leave Marina Early

You can blame the drought; boating season ended Sunday – months earlier than usual for boaters who rent slips at Folsom Lake Marina.


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Regulator: Roseville, Folsom Could Run Out Of Water By September If Folsom Lake Releases Continue

Andrew Fecko with the Placer County Water Agency is concerned and frustrated after learning the Bureau of Reclamation has increased releases from Folsom Lake. He warns those increased releases won’t just expose ruins where water should be.


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Best Places For Horseback Riding In Sacramento

Horses, anyone? The greater Sacramento area has a rich history of horses, riders, and wagons. There are still plenty of places to ride. If you don’t have your own steed, taking lessons or riding with a group from an area ranch works out very well. Time to saddle up.


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Best Lakeside Getaways Near Sacramento

When you want a relaxing getaway, sitting by a lake could just about be the best thought you could think of. Fortunately there are very good choices around here. Stay in the cityscape, or head to the country side or up to the mountains. The lakes are wonderful and waiting for you to pitch your chair, sit down and relax.


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Folsom Lake Levels Nearly Double What They Were In 2014

Folsom Lake has nearly double the water it had at the same time last year, and people are already out enjoying it. But things could quickly change. What could this mean for recreation on the lake this summer?


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Folsom Lake Closer To Average Levels, But Lack Of Rain Concerns Water Experts

Folsom Lake looked a lot different on Friday than it did just a year ago. December’s storms as the lake filled to 91 percent of its average for this time of the year, but it still has a way to go.



Dike Failure Worries Prompt Major Repairs Near Folsom Lake

Federal officials have concerns for a heavily traveled road near the lake. The asphalt on top of Dike 1 needs to be fixed immediately, says Kyle Keer with the bureau.


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Ahead Of Strong Storm, Folsom Lake Levels Higher Than Last Year

Hydrologists are eagerly awaiting this Thursday’s storm to see how much water runoff can be saved during the drought, and some are already making plans for that water.


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Home-By-Home Water Rationing May Be Spreading If California’s Drought Worsens

So far, only about 4 percent of larger water districts in the state are setting limits on individual water use. But in the San Juan Water District where people rely on Folsom Lake for all their water, individual household water allocation could become a reality too.