Wet Weather Pattern Arriving Wednesday Morning

A wet weather pattern is setting up beginning Wednesday morning and continuing into the weekend.


Halloween Candy with a Pumpkin

Halloween Forecast

Our Halloween storm has slowed down a bit, and it will likely arrive after the morning commute Friday morning. Still a decent amount of rain is expected to be falling by midday for the valley, with lingering showers and possible t-storms for evening commute and trick or treating.


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Rain Helping In Battle Against King Fire

Wet weather is helping California firefighters gain control of a massive wildfire threatening thousands of homes in the Sierra Nevada foothills.



Temperatures To Reach Upper 90s In Sacramento Valley This Week

The Sacramento Valley will see temperatures reaching almost 90 degrees on Monday. It’s fairly early in the season for triple-digit heat, but we’ll get close. Temperatures will top out at 94 on Tuesday, 98 on Wednesday, 98 on Thursday and 91 on Friday.



Forecast: Wind Gusts And Light Showers In The Valley

There are a few light showers clipping the valley early this morning with rain totals less than .10”.


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Lack Of Water Taking California Farmers Into Uncharted Territory

For months farmers have only been able to guess how the drought would affect them, but this year’s planting season brings bad news. Not only are the crops hit hard, other businesses are feeling the pain.


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Storm Waiting In The Wings

Bursts of heavy rain are coming Monday and Tuesday.


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Spring Right Around The Corner

The first day of spring is next Thursday, but we’re already going to see warmer temperatures.


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Quiet Tuesday, Wet Weather To Return Wednesday Evening

A couple of rounds of wet weather is ahead. But, Tuesday will be a quiet, pleasant day.


Extended Fog On The Forecast

Fog Clouds Morning Commute; Northern End Of Our Region Could Get Rain Today

There is dense fog in Stockton and Modesto this morning where visibility was less than a quarter of a mile.



Storm Promising Rain Rolls Into Northern California

Drought-stricken California is getting its first glimpse of a big weekend storm system the likes of which, forecasters say, the region has not seen in more than a year.



Rainfall Expected To Continue In Valley, Foothills And Sierra

Morning temperatures were a little on the warmer side Monday due to cloud cover. We will see sunshine, but for the most part, it will be cloudy in the valley.