Francisco Sanchez


Primary Suspect In Stockton Cineplex Murder Arrested In Iowa

A break in the case of a deadly shooting that happened outside of the downtown Stockton Cineplex has come from nearly 2,000 miles away.


Photo of Moreno, the shooting's primary suspect, provided by the Stockton Police Department.

Primary Suspect In Stockton Cineplex Shooting Identified

Detectives have identified the primary suspect in the shooting at the downtown Stockton Cineplex.


From left: Moreno, Gallardo and Zavala. (Credit: Stockton Police Department)

Persons Of Interest Identified In Murder Near Stockton Movie Theater

Detectives have identified three persons of interest in connection to the shooting that left a man dead outside of a popular Stockton movie theater.


stockton murder victim

Wife Pleading For Answers In Stockton Man’s Murder Outside Popular Cineplex

On April 25 at around 10 p.m., investigators say Francisco Sanchez, who had gone to the Janet Leigh Downtown Plaza for dinner, got into a confrontation and fight under the cineplex dome that ended with him being shot to death.