File photo of a fire truck. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Discarded Ashes Burn Fence At Rocklin Home

Discarded ashes caused a fire outside of a home in Rocklin.


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9 Fires Set In Sacramento Garbage Cans Overnight

Authorities are investigating a rash of fires that were lit in garbage cans Tuesday morning in Sacramento.


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Neighbors Rejoice As ‘Hoarder House’ Torn Down In Citrus Heights

Neighbors in a Citrus Heights neighborhood are breathing a sigh of relief after demolition has begun on what police are calling a hoarder house.


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City Considering New Plan To End Trash Ongoing Trash Dumping Problem

Turning in your neighbor over their illegally piled up trash could make for a big payday. The mess on one city councilman’s block is so bad, he’s got city hall putting a spotlight on it.



Fairfield Trash Piles Up As Sanitation Workers Strike

People are talking trash in several local cities. They’re really talking trash because their garbage has been piling up, and there’s nothing they can do about it.


Dirty house

Marysville Police Say 5-Year-Old Lived In House Of Filth

A domestic disturbance call leads Marysville police to a disturbing discovery of what they’re calling a house of filth.


garbage house

Couple Evicted From Sacramento House Filled With Garbage, Cats

Neighbors in a Sacramento neighborhood got fed up after an elderly couple let their property get to a horrendous and hazardous point.