Gary Almond


Call Kurtis Investigates: Troubled Upholsterer Still Doing Business Without a License

An upholstery company accused of taking customers’ furniture for months at a time is at it again, more than a year after Call Kurtis first caught the company operating illegally.



Call Kurtis: Finding Unclaimed Property

LINCOLN (CBS13) — Johanna Schapp thought a company had found more than $100,000 of unclaimed property in her name — but never expected she might be sued for a portion of it. “How can they […]



Call Kurtis Investigates: Where’s My Stuff? The Risk of Rogue Movers

When Elaine Lawrence zipped up her duffel bag eight months ago to drive to Oklahoma, she had no idea the bag and its contents would be all that’s left of her Roseville life.



Call Kurtis: They Sent Too Many Orders and Won’t Refund My Money!

Steve Segale went online to order two computer keyboards he saw on an infomercial, he said, but when he noticed weeks later he had been charged for six, it was time to call Kurtis.

CBS Sacramento–05/16/2012


Call Kurtis: Is My Door-to-Door Salesman Legit?

It wasn’t the first time Sandi Schlosser had bought magazines from a door-to-door salesperson. But it was the first time her order hadn’t been fulfilled.

CBS Sacramento–12/23/2011


Call Kurtis: They Gave Away My Phone Number!

Almond said mistakes can happen when phone numbers are transferred from one company to another, a process known as “porting.” In this case, however, Bockius wasn’t trying to switch to Comcast — but somehow her number had been reassigned.