Grass Valley Man Arrested After Illegally Selling AR-15s To Undercover AgentCourt documents say the arrest Thursday stems from a five-month Homeland Security investigation that used the dark web, Bitcoin payments, secret meetings, and discussions of buying grenades, anti-personnel mines and explosives. Home-built AR-15 weapons are legal for an individual to make for themselves, but cannot be sold.
Sacramento At Center Of Untraceable 'Ghost Gun' SurgeThe capital city has become a hotbed for ghost guns, and feds say they can be traced to a Sacramento man known as Dr. Death.
Hundreds Of 'Ghost Guns' Taken Off Street In Federal Gun BustThey’re often sold on the black market and are some of the most lethal weapons criminals can get their hands on.
Senate Passes Bill Regulating Homemade 'Ghost Guns'The legislation does not seek to stop the growing production of such weapons, de Leon said. Rather, it updates California law to address a growing market, including weapons made on 3-D printers.