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Call Kurtis Returns To Walmart To Investigate Gift Receipt Practices Once Again

Two years ago the Call Kurtis team exposed how some customers nationwide were shorted when returning items using gift receipts at Walmart. Walmart insists its policy is to give you the full price the gift-giver paid, but this past holiday season, we checked to see if their stores are following their own policy.


walmart gift receipts

Call Kurtis: Will You Get Full Price When Returning Gifts This Holiday Season?

Holiday shoppers may be wary to give gift receipts with presents this year, after seeing Call Kurtis investigations on Walmart. But was the problem of short-changing some customers isolated to just Walmart? We wanted to do a check-up not only on Walmart, but also on five other hot shopping spots.


walmart gift receipts

Call Kurtis: Feds Respond to Request for Walmart Investigation

Federal Trade Commission Chairman Jon Leibowitz responded in a letter to Senator Barbara Boxer’s request to investigate what we found in our gift receipt investigation. He thanked her for bringing it to their attention. We uncovered Walmart doesn’t always return the full amount paid when items are returned using gift receipts.

CBS13/CW31 Television–06/15/2011

walmart gift receipts

Senator Calls for Federal Investigation After Call Kurtis Walmart Investigation

Senator Barbara Boxer reacting from Capitol Hill said she didn’t like what we found out about Walmart gift receipts.

CBS13/CW31 Television–05/24/2011


Call Kurtis: Walmart Responds To Gift Receipt Investigation

The beauty of a gift receipt is that you can give a present without a price tag and the gift can still be returned.



Call Kurtis Investigation: Walmart Caught Shortchanging Customers Using Gift Receipts

Walmart tops the list of Fortune 500 companies, bringing in the most revenue. Our hidden camera investigation uncovered a practice that may be adding to those profits. The practice has some customers and consumer advocates outraged.