Good Samaritan


Good Samaritan Killed While Trying To Help Stalled Driver

Someone trying to be a Good Samaritan lost their life in a crash on Interstate 80 early Wednesday morning.



Good Samaritan In Socks Chases Down Teens Who Allegedly Beat Elderly Woman

In only his socks, Cody followed the teens for five miles through several neighborhoods, down busy roads and over fences trying to convince them to come back to the scene.


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Being A Good Samaritan Carries Legal Risks

Floyd Feeney, a professor at the UC Davis School of Law, says extenuating circumstances may call for physical intervention. But he’s concerned some well-intentioned good Samaritans can make bad decisions and end up in jail, or looking for a good lawyer.



Carmichael Residents Meet Good Samaritans Who Saved 7 Pets From Duplex Fire

They were passing by the duplex saw the smoke coming from the duplex, and they say they didn’t even think twice about running in and saving their animals trapped inside.


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Witness Jumps Into Action And Saves Stockton Girl From Suspected Kidnapper

Police say two men tried to kidnap a Stockton teen, but they didn’t get very far thanks to a Good Samaritan that took action.



Man Fatally Hit While Helping Motorist In Oakland

Oakland police have arrested a driver who allegedly struck and killed a man who had stopped to help a stranded motorist.


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Good Samaritan Killed Helping Woman In Dixon Car Accident

A good deed turned deadly in Dixon after a man died helping a crash victim along the freeway.


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Parents Of Stabbed Good Samaritan Meet Son’s Rescuers

Two good samaritans came to the aide of another good samaritan after he stepped in to stop an assault and ended up stabbed.


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Sacramento Man In Coma After Being Stabbed 7 Times Trying To Help Kids

Police say a north Natomas man stepped in to help some children in an apparent attack and ended up being stabbed himself.



Stockton Good Samaritan Saves Officer Struggling With Suspect

The tables turned during a crime in Stockton when a citizen ended up saving a police officer.


A Good Samaritan was hit while helping another driver on the freeway. (credit: CBS)

Man Hit While Trying To Give Aid To Driver Who Crashed On Sacramento Freeway

A Good Samaritan is in the hospital this morning after he was hit by a car while trying to help crash victims on a Sacramento freeway.


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Sacramento Man Searches For Woman Who Pulled Him From Freeway Car Wreck

A Sacramento man who was seconds away from being crushed by a semi-truck is saved by a Good Samaritan.