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(Photo credit: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

Reporter Gets Google Glass Snatched From His Face

A man had his Google Glass snatched from his face while walking down the sidewalk Friday.


Google Glass can be programmed with timely reminders and cues to help Parkinson's patients navigate their illness. (Getty Images)

Google Glass Can Help Parkinson’s Patients

Google Glass can be programmed to help Parkinson’s patients manage their illness.


File photo of the Google logo. (credit: LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP/Getty Images)

Man Googles Self; Finds He’s Wanted

A Northern California man was “egosurfing” Google when a search of his name yielded a startling result: He was wanted by police.


Mother says her 5-year-old spent $69.95 on a "free" game. (Getty Images)

Mother Sues Google For Free Game Chicanery

Mother says her 5-year-old spent $69.95 on a “free” game.


California's DMV is considering rules of the road for self-driving cars. (Getty Images)

California Pushes To Finish Driverless Car Rules

DMV considering how to regulate cars that rely on computers to do the driving.


Google Barge

Google Barge Has Struggling City Of Stockton Excited For Possibilities

After the nearly 8-hour journey, the Google barge parked at its new home, where the city and port welcomed the tech giant with open arms.


The Google barge in its new home at the Port of Stockton. Credit: CBS13

Google Barge Docks At Port Of Stockton

The Google barge slipped out of the Bay Area under the cover of night Thursday, making its way to its new home in Stockton.


google bard

Google, Stockton Mum On Possible Move Of Mysterious Barge

In what’s a very secretive process, it seems nobody knows for sure where the barge is going, except Google themselves—and they aren’t saying a word.


Google Barge

Mysterious Google Barge’s New Home: Port Of Stockton

Rumors have been flying, and word came down late on Wednesday that the mysterious Google Barge is on the move, and its destination and new home may come as a surprise to some.



Google Olympic Doodle Makes Statement About Russian Anti-Gay Law

The company declined to comment on the new Google Doodle that appeared on its home pages worldwide, saying it wanted the illustration to speak for itself.


Credit: CBS5

Google Told By State To Move ‘Mystery’ Barge From SF Bay Construction Site

Google must move its mystery barge from a construction site on an island in the middle of the San Francisco Bay because the permits are not in order, a state official said Monday


Google Glass

Kings Become First Team To Use Google Glass During Game

The Sacramento Kings are embracing the future after becoming the first team to incorporate Google Glass technology during a game Friday night.