Police: 95-Year-Old Arrested For Slapping Granddaughter With SlipperA Florida great grandmother now has an arrest record after police say they were forced to take the 95-year-old to jail for slapping her granddaughter with a slipper.
'Knock It Off': 99-Year-Old Gets 18-Year-Old Hostage Taker To Release HerDoris Wasden of Utah not only stood up to the criminal but was reportedly able to secure her own release during a tense standoff with police.
Best Stationery Stores In SacramentoThese days, a pen is often a touch screen stylus and text is considered to be a verb, but sending a handwritten card or letter is a true sign of style.
Grandmother Arrested For Kidnapping 4-Month-Old BabyThe father of a 4-month-old baby that went missing from her bedroom in the Contra Costa County town of Knightsen says his mother, the baby’s grandmother took the baby to Southern California.
Modesto Grandmother Jumps Into Action To Save Daughter, Neighbors From Burning Apt. ComplexA fire broke out at a Modesto apartment complex, and an 82-year-old grandmother jumped into action to save her daughter and her neighbors.