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thieves on tape

Grass Valley Jewelry Thieves Get Head-Start After Phone Line Disconnected

As soon as they broke into Grass Valley Gold and Silver, the alarm went off. But because the owners had disconnected their land line, the police were never called.


watch out

Nevada County Parents Warned About Reported Near-Abductions

A 6-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy may have been approached by the same man. Deputies are hesitant with these kinds of reports, but in both cases, they say the information seems very credible.



Neighbors Say Grass Valley Officials Deceived Them With Mall Proposal

The Dorsey Drive interchange has been talked about for nearly 25 years, but now that it is being built, some neighbors are saying the city deceived them.


restaurant closing

Energy Bills From Warm, Dry Winter Forcing Grass Valley Business To Close

The owner of Valentina’s Bistro and Cafe is going out of business and says the weather is the reason why.


Credit: CBS13

Gas, Water Leak At Mobile Home Park Leaves Some Residents In The Cold

Water was bubbling up through cracks in the street at a mobile home park in Grass Valley, causing power and heat to be cut off for some residents.


Steakhouse burns

Backroom Steakhouse Burns Down Despite Being Next Door To Firehouse

Fire crews could not get to the empty restaurant in time to save it. Now it is blackened and charred — no longer the red iconic building that once stood out along the country road.


Credit: CBS13

29 Dogs Found Starving On Nevada County Property

They were hungry, skinny and neglected. Dozens of dogs that were in danger of starvation are recovering at local shelters. The 29 dogs were left outside without food, and now the owner could be facing abuse charges.



Daughter: Mom Drowned My Sister More Than 40 Years Ago

“She was standing in the tub, holding Cindy’s legs up in the air, and Cindy was under the water.”



Animal Shelter Overwhelmed As Many Try Offloading Adopted Chickens

The popularity of backyard chickens is becoming a real problem, and people are finding out that the work for those eggs isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


Jessie Mulligan

Grass Valley Woman Mistakenly Texts Drug Deal To Narcotics Detective

Lt. Steven Tripp says Jessie Mulligan tried to text a friend on Friday to say she had some drugs to sell, but she messed up the number and ended up texting a narcotics detective.


Red Trucks

Dozens Of Suspicious Red Trucks Reported In Grass Valley After Abduction Claims

Since the middle of September, he says there have been numerous reports involving a man trying to lure young children into his red truck around schools, bus stops and homes.


Patricia Thomas

Murder Charge Dropped Against Mother Accused Of Drowning Child 40 Years Ago

It was Thomas’ older daughter who helped investigators reopen the case. She said she walked into the bathroom and saw her mother drowning her sister. But at the time, the death was reported as a bathtub drowning.