500+ Firearms Seized From Clovis Man Barred From Owning GunsFederal authorities seized more than 500 firearms from a man who is legally barred from owning weapons.
More Than 7,000 Guns Seized From Property In South CarolinaAuthorities say they have seized thousands of guns from a house and warehouse in South Carolina.
Calif. Assembly Approves Bill Banning Concealed Weapons In Schools, UniversitiesThe California Assembly has approved a bill that would ban concealed weapons from schools and universities throughout the state.
Insurance Change Leaves Galt Boy Scouts Without Gun Range For BadgesThe Galt City-owned range sits beyond a dirt road off of Twin Cities Road. CBS13 wasn’t allowed on the private property, but it’s similar to other outdoor ranges where shooters aim at targets and learn gun safety.
Southern California UPS Driver Found Guilty Of Stealing GunsSouthern California prosecutors alleged that Curtis Hays stole dozens of guns and sold them on the black market.
Number Of Police Officer Deaths By Guns In U.S. Jumps 56% In 2014A new report finds that the number of law-enforcement officers killed by firearms jumped by 56 percent in 2014.
Sacramento Gun Stores Gearing Up For Black Friday Sales SurgeThere’s no room for procrastination if you’re shopping for guns this holiday season. Just Guns owner Josh Deaser says California buyers have a 10-day waiting period before they can take a gun home.
Cyclist Shot Multiple Times In West SacramentoA cyclist was shot multiple times in West Sacramento on Tuesday morning.
Tracy Gun Store 1 Of 4 Challenging California Law Banning Handgun Ads In WindowsThe stores filed the lawsuit Monday in Sacramento federal court, claiming the 91-year-old law violates their free speech rights. They also argue that the law unfairly singles out handguns because similar ads for rifles are allowed.
New Tech Can Track When An Officer Takes Out, Fires Their GunA Silicon Valley startup has developed technology to let dispatchers know when a police officer's weapon has been fired.
Brown Signs Gun Restriction BillGov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill making California the first state that allows family members to ask a judge to remove firearms from a relative who appears to pose a threat.
Women-Only Gun Classes Growing In PopularityThey're getting ready to hit the target – and they're doing a good job
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