Hangar 17

Joey Madrid talked to CBS13 after closing Hangar 17, but wasn't interested in speaking at his new, vibrant cigar lounge a few days later.

Owner Of Defunct Bar Running Successful Cigar Lounge

One of the co-owners of a popular midtown bar faced the wrath of his former employees last week when they found out the business was closing due to financial troubles, and he freely admitted he was broke and couldn’t even afford to give workers their final paycheck. When CBS13 showed up to his apparently thriving cigar lounge Monday, he wasn’t interested in talking anymore.

CBS13/CW31 Television–03/28/2011

Hangar 17, Midtown Restaurant

Employees Furious After Hangar 17 Closes

Some employees who worked at a midtown Sacramento restaurant lashed out after learning the business was closing and wouldn’t have enough money to give workers their last paycheck.

CBS13/CW31 Television–03/23/2011