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Students At Lindhurst High In Yuba County Protest Lack Of Air Conditioning

Students at Lindhurst High School in Yuba County were outside the school Tuesday morning protesting high temperatures inside the classrooms.



Triple-Digits In Sacramento Area Mean Empty Slides At Playgrounds

The third day of triple-digit temperatures, paired with poor quality, are creating dangerous conditions for people outside in the Sacramento area.


BAKERSFIELD, CA - JUNE 25:  A mirage creates the illusion of water on a dry highway on a hot summer day as drought conditions worsen on June 25, 2007 near Bakersfield, California. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

High Pressure System Cranks Up The Heat Across The West

Much of the West was smothered in a blanket of heat Saturday with triple-digit temperatures hitting Phoenix, Los Angeles and other cities.



Sacramento Firefighters Warn Dry Vacant Lots A Danger To Nearby Homes

Each summer fires start on vacant lots overgrown with weeds, which can spread to homes and destroy them.


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Triple-Digit Heat Makes Its Presence Felt Across Sacramento Region

With temperatures reaching above the century mark inside this Bacon Mania food truck the temperature is sweltering between the fryer and grill.



Roseville Hosting National Softball Tournament As Temperatures Soar Past 100 Degrees

The crack of the bat and the cheer of the crowd were mixed with groans about the heat beating down on the diamond Tuesday for the ASA Nationals Tournament.


Candidates Campaign In Alaska's Tight Three-Way Senate Race

Treating Sunburns

With the heat finally upon us, sunburns can be a big cause for concern. We are live at MDRX where they are showing us some simple solutions to treating sunburns.


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Heat Forces Sacramento Antique Store To Rethink Hours, Close Early

The owners of the store say it can feel like a sauna when temperatures go past triple-digits, so instead of handing customers a towel, they thought it was better to conserve and get a break on their power bill instead.


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Police, Zoo Animals, Children Find Ways To Stay Cool In Intense Heat

Stockton bike police say besides drinking water and popping into air-conditioned stores, there’s not much they can do to stay cool outdoors. Working through the heat is just part of the job.



Residents Urged To Conserve As Heat Strains Power Grid

State officials are calling on residents to voluntarily conserve electricity during California’s heat wave, as demand on the power grid surges.


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Scorching Heat Expected In The Valley Tuesday And Wednesday

A good chunk of Northern California will be in triple-digit territory today and Thursday, and unfortunately we won’t have the wind to cool us off.


Generic photo of a swimming hole. (Credit: Thinkstock)

Bacteria Levels Found In Some Swimming Holes Considered Unsafe

With summer temperatures jumping up in the Sacramento area, some local residents are turning to local swimming holes as a way to keep cool. But how clean is the water?