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Jerry King

UPDATE: Nephew Says He’s Innocent In Herald Homicide; Victim Identified

Sacramento County sheriff’s detectives have arrested the nephew of a 50-year-old man killed in Herald, two days after the suspect called 911 to report the murder.


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Herald Murder Shocks Small Town’s Residents

A man was murdered in a rural community in Sacramento County, and now residents are worried about a killer on the loose.


(credit: CBS)

Cal Fire, Landowner Disagree On Cause Of Herald Hay Blaze

Some 900 tons of hay continued to burn on Friday in Herald as firefighters and the landowner disagreed on what caused the fire.



Herald Grasshopper Invaders Turn Out To Be Locusts

They were thought to be grasshoppers, but now it’s like a nightmare of biblical proportions for a Herald farm with locust invaders.



Thousands Of Grasshoppers Invade Herald Farm

Thousands of grasshoppers are taking over one Herald couple’s property.