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Rocks Thrown From Overpass

Sacramento Man Hit By Rock Thrown At Car

It was early morning when it happened, so he says it never saw it coming. But he felt the impact. When we talked to Jose Barcenas, he was out of the hospital, but still had tiny shards of glass embedded in his face.


credit: CBS

State Assembly To Hear ‘Homeless Bill Of Rights’ Tuesday

The homeless in California would legally be allowed to sit, sleep and ask for donations in public without facing criminal citations under an Assembly bill receiving its first hearing.


Elk Grove sign generic photo (credit: CBS13)

Transitional Housing Project Opens In Elk Grove

The city of Elk Grove is taking the first steps in a project to help the homeless in their community.



Nevada City Begins Granting Camping Permits To Homeless People

A homeless Nevada City man has been granted the first approval by the police department to camp legally after the city passed a new ordinance last month.


Fire On Side Of HWY 99

Fire Burns Along Highway 99 in South Sacramento

An early morning along Highway 99 in south Sacramento is still smoldering.


People walk by a homeless man. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Federal Program To Fund Free Cell Service For California Homeless

Many California homeless people may soon get cell phones for next to nothing thanks to a federally-funded program set for approval by the Public Utilities Commission.


File photo (credit: CBS)

Police Chief Uses Unique Method To Control Homeless Population

A police chief says he’s found a one-of-a-kind way to manage a growing problem in his city, and it’s putting the homeless on the hot seat.



Roseville Homeless Shelter Runs Out Of Money; Forced To Close

A homeless shelter in Roseville has closed its doors, leaving 60-people on the street and a dozen employees without jobs.



Roseville Homeless Shelter In Need Of Donations To Stay Open

The Gathering Inn in Roseville is the only year-round overnight shelter between Sacramento and Reno, but it might be forced to close down without a lot of cash to keep it open.



$78K Donated To Build Controversial Placerville Homeless Camp

It’s just a dirt road now, but soon it will be lined with tents and become the home for about 60 homeless people.


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Opinion: Big Cities’ People-in-Power Don’t Understand Crime And Murder

For America’s big cities: the people who are supposed to have, need to have, and claim to have all the answers simply don’t have a clue.


A homeless man bags up his belongings from a Church Street encampment on Wednesday, June 20, 2012. (credit: CBS13)

Stockton Homeless Removed From Church Street Encampment

Officers gave homeless campers about a month’s notice to vacate a stretch of Church Street in Stockton, and police moved in on Wednesday to move out the camp.