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Firefighters Save 5 Homeless People From Burning Building

Fire crews were able to save several homeless occupants staying in an abandoned south Sacramento building that caught fire early Saturday morning.


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Placer County’s Reputation Of Generosity Contributing To Homeless Problem

Panhandling in Placer County has gotten so bad that sheriff’s deputies are asking people to stop giving.


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Old SF Buses To Be Turned Into Homeless Showers

A San Francisco woman has a refreshing idea to help the homeless: Portable showers on old city buses.


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Man, Teen Arrested In Transient Crossbow Killing

Phoenix Triton King, 20, and the teen, whose name was not released because she is a minor, were found around the Friends of the Dunes nature center in Arcata after an intense manhunt.


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Protesters Decry Possible Changes To Sacramento’s Affordable Housing

City leaders must come up with its housing element guidelines by early 2014, and one idea is being strongly considered: New housing developments would no longer be required to include affordable housing if developers pay a fee.


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Auburn Residents Debate Where Homeless Shelter Should Be Built

More than 600 homeless men and women in Auburn are seeking a roof over their head. Shop owners and neighbors agree something should be built—but they don’t want a shelter in the heart of town.


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Homeless Man Reveals Foot-Fetish Roots In Exclusive Jailhouse Interview

“I’ve had a fetish all my life and it’s always been under control and stuff,” he said. “I’d massage them at least, or suck them. I remember I was younger sucking toes.”


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Free Pet Clinic For Homeless Needs Major Funding To Continue

A free pet clinic for the homeless has less than a month to raise $40,000, or the service could go away.


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Sacramento Man Hit By Rock Thrown At Car

It was early morning when it happened, so he says it never saw it coming. But he felt the impact. When we talked to Jose Barcenas, he was out of the hospital, but still had tiny shards of glass embedded in his face.


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State Assembly To Hear ‘Homeless Bill Of Rights’ Tuesday

The homeless in California would legally be allowed to sit, sleep and ask for donations in public without facing criminal citations under an Assembly bill receiving its first hearing.


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Transitional Housing Project Opens In Elk Grove

The city of Elk Grove is taking the first steps in a project to help the homeless in their community.



Nevada City Begins Granting Camping Permits To Homeless People

A homeless Nevada City man has been granted the first approval by the police department to camp legally after the city passed a new ordinance last month.