Honda Civic

Brenda Grady (credit: Folsom P.D.)

UPDATE: At-Risk Folsom Senior Found

Police are searching for an at-risk senior who left for church on Sunday morning and has not been seen since.


The driver of the car was killed when another driver hit his car and he crashed into a pole. (credit: CBS13)

Suspect Driving Stolen Car Killed In Crash

One suspect is dead following a chase and crash in Sacramento.


"We bought it from one guy, private party, in cash."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Sam At Tognotti’s

“I love to eat food. I’ll go far out of my way for something that I think might be pretty good.” – Sam and his Honda Civic


Honda Logo

Woman Wins Lawsuit Over Honda’s Hybrid Mileage Claim

The Southern California owner of a Honda hybrid car has won her unusual small-claims court lawsuit against the automaker over the vehicle’s failure to deliver its stated fuel economy.


“Everything goes.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Sam At The Squeeze Inn

“It says a lot about my taste in women. It’s not too flashy. It’s thrifty. It’s a little dirty.” – Sam and his Honda Civic VX