UPDATE: At-Risk Folsom Senior FoundPolice are searching for an at-risk senior who left for church on Sunday morning and has not been seen since.
Suspect Driving Stolen Car Killed In CrashOne suspect is dead following a chase and crash in Sacramento.
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Sam At Tognotti's"I love to eat food. I'll go far out of my way for something that I think might be pretty good." - Sam and his Honda Civic
Woman Wins Lawsuit Over Honda's Hybrid Mileage ClaimThe Southern California owner of a Honda hybrid car has won her unusual small-claims court lawsuit against the automaker over the vehicle's failure to deliver its stated fuel economy.
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Sam At The Squeeze Inn“It says a lot about my taste in women. It’s not too flashy. It’s thrifty. It’s a little dirty.” - Sam and his Honda Civic VX