Second Mother Warns Against Letting Anyone Kiss Your Baby After Her Son Gets HerpesAn Iowa mother is sharing upsetting photos of her 1-year-old son covered in red sores after he tested positive for the herpes virus.
Study: Infants Can 'Catch' Stress From Their MothersEmotions and physiological experiences can be transmitted from one person to another, and infants can “catch” feelings of stress passed down through their mothers.
Investigation Into Modesto Infant's Injuries Leads Police To Pot Grow Modesto police arrested four people in connection with a severely injured infant and marijuana grow.
Sacramento Woman Arrested For Killing Newborn InfantCourtney Addington, 24, was arrested at around 8:45 p.m. Tuesday after a search of her residence earlier this year turned up a dead infant.
Stockton Officers Find Loaded Gun In Closet Of Toddler's RoomPolice arrested a gang member accused of storing a loaded gun in the closet of the room where his infant sleeps.
Folsom Couple Find Dead Infant In Their BackyardA Folsom couple says they returned from vacation to find the body of a baby in their backyard.
UPDATE: Newcastle Woman Discovers Roadside Trash Bag With Infant’s BodyPlacer County Sheriff’s detectives are investigating the discovery of a baby’s body on Green Hills Court Thursday afternoon.