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Netflix Expanding Streaming Service To Cubans

Netflix is launching its movie and TV show streaming service in Cuba as Internet access in the country improves and credit and debit cards become more widely available.


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North Korea Experiencing Severe Internet Outages

North Korea is experiencing widespread Internet outages. One expert says the country’s online access is “totally down.”


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US To Propose Pay-for-Priority Internet Standards

The Federal Communications Commission is set to propose new Internet rules that would allow Internet service providers to charge content companies for faster delivery of their services over the so-called “last mile” connection to people’s homes.


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Report: California Businesses Targeted By Cyber Criminals

Attorney General Harris says state is a tempting target because of California’s wealth.


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FCC Won’t Appeal Net Neutrality Ruling

The Federal Communications Commission says it won’t appeal a court decision that struck down rules it designed to ensure that the transmission of all Internet content be treated equally. The agency says it will fashion new rules.


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UC Davis Professor: ‘Important Implications’ Come With Net Neutrality Decision

There could be big changes coming to the Internet, making it much harder to browse your favorite websites. A federal court’s ruling struck down what’s known as net neutrality.


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Netflix Stock Price Falls As Investors Ponder Net Neutrality Ruling

Will broadband providers start charging Internet services such as Netflix to deliver the massive amounts of data that streaming video and other content require?


The prosecution comes under a new California law that makes it a crime to post identifiable nude pictures of someone else online without their permission. (Getty Images)

Court Date Set For Man Facing Revenge Porn Charges

A San Diego man allegedly operated a revenge porn website so that he could extort money from victims.


The Project Loon team prepares solar panels, electronics and balloon envelopes for launch as the sun rises in New Zealand.  (Source: Google+)

Google Launches Balloons From Chico Airport

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s just a couple of Google balloons with internet access.


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British Lawmakers Accuse Google Of Dodging Taxes

An influential committee of British lawmakers accused search company Google of dodging its taxes on Thursday in a scathing report that said the U.S. Internet company took on highly contrived arrangements serving no purpose other than to avoid paying its fair share.



YouTube Partners With Universities To Launch New Media Program

YouTube is partnering with universities to launch a new media program series for aspiring digital filmmakers.