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Apple Has Sold 3 Million iPads

Apple Inc. says it has sold 3 million iPads since Friday when it released the latest version of the tablet computer.


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Apple Stock Tops $600 Day Before New iPad Release

Apple Inc.’s stock has touched $600 for the first time, the day before the company’s latest iPad goes on sale.


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Apple Unveils New iPad With Sharper Screen

Apple is revealing a new iPad model. New features include a sharper screen and a faster processor.


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Next iPad Set For Launch, Modest Upgrades Expected

Apple is holding an event Wednesday in San Francisco, and has hinted that it will reveal a new iPad model. Rumors speak of an updated tablet with a speedier processor, a sharper screen and an option for faster wireless broadband access.



New Tablet Designed For Kids Keeps Their Hands Off Yours

Face it: You love your kids, but you love your iPad more. And despite what people say, that’s perfectly fine – assuming you keep your iPad safe from the sharp nails and drooling jaws of your young ones.


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This Year’s Coolest Back-to-School Gear

Kids want the coolest gear for going back to school. Here’s what should be making it into shopping carts this summer.


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Smartphone Apps for Parents and their Students

Every student needs help with school sometimes, and these apps might just be the answer.



Security Holes Discovered In iPhones, iPads

A new security hole has opened up in Apple Inc.’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, raising alarms about the susceptibility of some of the world’s hottest tech gadgets to hacker attacks.



iPhone, iPad Tracking Users And Causing Alarm

Privacy watchdogs are demanding answers from Apple Inc. about why iPhones and iPads are secretly collecting location data on users — records that cellular service providers routinely keep but require a court order to disgorge.



Stop The Presses: First iPad Newspaper Debuts

A daily newspaper designed specifically for Apple’s hot-selling iPad is now available from News Corp.



Accused iPad Hackers Mock Investigation

An online group implicated in the theft of more than 100,000 e-mail addresses of Apple iPad users says two of its members who were arrested did nothing wrong.

CBS13/CW31 Television–01/19/2011

A color-coded chart for the periodic table was one of Max Campbell's first ideas.

Local Teen Reaps Profits On iPhone Apps

Curiosity and determination led a local teen to create a number of programs for Apple’s popular iPhone and iPad platforms, and the profits of his success will help pay for his college.