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Brown Signs Bill On Car Surcharge For Bike Lanes

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill allowing local governments to impose a vehicle registration surcharge to pay for bike lanes and trails.


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Poll Finds Few Know GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Kashkari

A new poll on California’s gubernatorial race finds that Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown maintains a strong lead over Republican challenger Neel Kashkari and that few voters could even identify the GOP candidate in the Nov. 4 election.


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New California Law Exempts State In-Home Care Workers, But Not Private Ones

Around 400,000 state in-home supportive services caregivers were left out, only giving paid sick leave to private in-home healthcare companies like Craig Cares in Roseville.


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Concerns Grow Over California Nut Farmers’ Reliance On Groundwater Supply

Back in early August, CBS13 spoke to a University of the Pacific geologist who warned California’s tapped aquifer could cause the ground to sink and eventually collapse the aquifer forever.


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Gov. Brown Slammed Over Tesla In California Debate

Gov. Jerry Brown’s long-shot Republican challenger blasted him for failing to do enough to land a Tesla battery plant during the only scheduled debate of this year’s governor’s race.



Gov. Brown And Neel Kashkari Facing Off In Only Gubernatorial Debate

Gov. Jerry Brown and his Republican challenger are meeting for what is likely to be the only gubernatorial debate this election season.


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Poll: Brown Maintains Big Lead Over GOP Challenger Kashkari

A new Field Poll finds that Gov. Jerry Brown has a lead of 16 percentage points over GOP challenger Neel Kashkari in the governor’s race.


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Why Will California’s Plastic Bag Ban Leave Customers Paying More At Store?

In addition to the ban of plastic bags, paper bags will cost 10 cents each, thanks to a deal lawmakers cut with grocers. Plastic bag manufacturers will also get $2 million to help them come up with a plan to make a heavier duty bag grocers can sell to customers.


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Sacramento Shoppers Taking Wait And See Approach With Proposed Plastic Bag Ban

The statewide ban would take effect next year as environmental lobbyists beat out opponents who warned the bag ban could cost jobs. A similar law has been in place in Davis since July, and most shoppers in the city don’t seem to mind.


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California Appeals Controversial Teacher Tenure Ruling

Gov. Jerry Brown appealed a court ruling that struck down tenure and other job protections for California’s teachers, setting himself apart from leaders in some other states who have fought to end such protections or raise the standards for obtaining them.


Neel Kashkari. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

California GOP Challenger Neel Kashkari Tries Novel Tactics Against Gov. Jerry Brown

Republicans finally have the kind of gubernatorial candidate they need to be competitive in overwhelmingly Democratic California – a young, second-generation social moderate who has financial expertise and is comfortable on social media.


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Lawmakers Approve $100 Million Boost For UC, CSU Systems Despite Governor’s Reservations

The budget Brown signed this summer included the $100 million if the state received a certain level of revenue from property taxes. The taxes didn’t materialize, but Skinner says revenue was “just shy of that,” and the universities need the money.