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Education Allows Sacramento Nurse Practitioner To Save Patients

Kim Newlin earned two master’s degrees to become a cardiovascular clinical nurse specialist and adult nurse practitioner. She opened a clinic offering after-care and prevention for heart failure patients and greatly improved their rate of re-admission.


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Education Key To Second Career In Sacramento IT Field

After a successful early career in sales and retail management, Sacramento’s Ron Klint decided it was time for a change.


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Sacramento Hometown Grocer Is Growing Up Organically

Raley’s Grocers is to Sacramento what apple pie is to America. Given its leadership, it’s more than significant to see the grocer convert so much of its conventional produce to organic.


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Education Leads To Successful Criminal Justice Career In Sacramento

Gina Roberson earned her master’s degree in criminal justice, and is currently the associate director at the Child Abuse Prevention Center in Sacramento.



Sacramento Jobs Report: Those With Bachelor Degree Or Higher Have Lower Unemployment Rate

Jill Schlesinger reports those who completed a Bachelor’s degree or higher were in better shape when it comes to employment with an unemployment rate of just 2.9 percent.



Sacramento Jobs Report: Advice To Consider Before Purchasing A Franchise

Jill Schlesinger reports if you are considering purchasing a franchise, get ready to do your research before putting down a fee.


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Economics Educator Advises Sacramento Institutions On The Green Revolution

Woodrow W. Clark II, Ph.D., advises organizations and global leaders how to solve the problems of climate change through sustainable infrastructures and agile energy systems.


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Sacramento Therapist Uses Her Own Eating Disorder To Help Others

Jennifer Lombardi serves as the Executive Director and Marriage Family Therapist (MFT) for the Eating Recovery Center of California, Sacramento.



Sacramento Jobs Report: If You’re Interested In A Green Job, There Are A Variety To Choose From

Jill Schlesinger reports you could work at non-profit environmental organizations, solar and wind technology companies, environmental science centers, think-tanks, water resource agencies, government agencies and conservation organizations.


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Sacramento Jobs Report: Labor Dept. Predicts Jobs For Journalists Will Drop By 13% By 2022

Jill Schlesinger reports that the Labor Department predicts that jobs for reporters, correspondents and broadcast news analysts will drop by 13 percent from 2012 to 2022 due to a decline in advertising revenue.


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Sacramento Social Worker Becomes Social Justice Organizer

Dorothy Knable, once Sacramento’s CA Clean Money Campaign representative of four years, is upbeat whenever the topic of clean elections arises in conversation.



‘Hot Jobs’ Mean Sunny Outlook For Unemployment In Sacramento Area

During the height of the recent Great Recession, the unemployment rate in the Sacramento area was roughly 14 percent.