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The Grant Napear Show – July 31, 2012

NFL training camps are in full swing, and the League mostly owned the Tuesday edition of the Grant Napear Show. There was a small hiccup, however, as the MLB trade deadline passed with the Oakland […]

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Photo Credit:  New York Mets

Mets Radio Voice Josh Lewin Talks To Grant Napear About MLB Trade Deadline Moves

Josh Lewin, radio voice of the New York Mets, chimed in to discuss the frantic trade deadline deals that took place earlier in the day. The Mets are currently right in the middle of a […]

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Audio: The Grant Napear Show – August 22, 2011

Saturday night’s fan behavior at Candlestick Park owned the phone lines all afternoon for the Monday edition of the Grant Napear Show. The 49ers’ knee-jerk reaction to shut down tailgating after kickoff combined with both […]

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Billy Volek - San Diego Chargers

Audio: Josh Lewin Gives Grant Napear A San Diego Chargers Status Report

Josh Lewin, voice of the San Diego Chargers, gives an update on where the team stands after two weeks of preseason action. Lewin says the Chargers probably have the most talent in the division, but […]

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