Surveillance photo of the suspect. (Credit: Stockton Police Department)

Men Accused Of Kidnapping, Robbing 83-Year-Old Man

Police have released surveillance photos of one of the men suspected of kidnapping and robbing an elderly man.

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(Credit: Dublin PD)

FBI: Defendant In Denise Huskins’ Kidnapping Blamed Vaccine

The man charged in a California kidnapping that police initially dismissed as a hoax told a television news reporter he had a psychotic break and a side effect from a vaccine was to blame in part for his behavior, the FBI said in a court filing.


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Car Salesman Reportedly Kidnapped During Test Drive

Authorities say a car salesman who was kidnapped during a San Francisco Bay Area test drive escaped and police arrested the man behind the crime.


Jaime Ramos and Pablo Ruvalcaba (l-r) (Credit: CBS13)

Stockton Kidnapping Suspects Could Find Out Monday If Prosecutors Will Seek Death Penalty

Prosecutors are expected to announce whether they will seek the death penalty against two men charged with killing a bank robbery hostage and two others in Stockton last year.


File. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Bus Driver Hailed As Hero For Spotting Kidnapped Boy

A Northern California bus driver who spotted a 3-year-old boy and his kidnapper on his bus and alerted police is being hailed as a hero.


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Suspect In Fairfield Car Theft, Kidnapping Taken Into Custody

A suspect is in custody this morning in connection with the kidnapping of a Fairfield boy on Monday morning.


denise haskins

Denise Huskins’ Purported Kidnapper Has Dropped Their Ultimatum To Police

A person claiming to be the ringleader of a group that says it abducted a California woman last week in an attempt to get a ransom has backed away from a threat to police to apologize for calling it a hoax.


Denise Huskins (Credit: Facebook)

Attorneys For Allegedly Kidnapped Vallejo Woman, Boyfriend, Say Kidnapping Wasn’t Hoax

The lawyer for a Vallejo woman who claims she was kidnapped says her story is no hoax. In fact, her attorney told the public Thursday night that Denise Huskins’ kidnapping was not staged, as police had previously reported.


Denise Huskins

Reportedly Kidnapped Vallejo Woman Found Safe

Police confirm that Denise Huskins, the Vallejo woman reportedly kidnapped earlier this week, has been found safe at relative’s Southern California home.


Denis Huskins

Vallejo Woman’s Disappearance Being Investigated As Kidnapping For Ransom

Police in Northern California say a woman was kidnapped and is possibly being held for ransom.


Paul Nelson (Credit: CBS13)

Man Accused Of Trying To Kidnap Children Near Church Speaks Out

A man accused of grabbing two children in a Sacramento church parking lot and running from parents Saturday afternoon is speaking out.



Sacramento Church Shaken By Kidnapping Attempt

Churchgoers and witnesses are still shaken over what happened especially after finding out the suspect lives nearby and also attends church here.