Knights Landing

Funnel cloud

Funnel Cloud Brings Excitement To Knights Landing Restaurant

Juan Barajas was busy serving customers at Las Maracas in Knights Landing when cellphones gave warning that a tornado could be on the way.


Headless Chihuahua Is Second Maimed Animal Found At Knights Landing Home

Headless Chihuahua Is Second Maimed Animal Found At Knights Landing Home

Yolo County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating a gruesome discovery—a beheaded chihuahua left inside a Knights Landing resident’s car.


Knights Landing fire

Downed Power Line Sparks Fire In Rural Yolo County

Firefighters from several agencies rushed to the scene of a fast-moving fire Friday evening after a power line was knocked down by high winds.


Knights Landing Medical Clinic

Health Clinic Returns To Knights Landing

A free medical clinic has reopened in a small Yolo County town after being shuttered for several years.


truck crash

Truck Slams Into Downed Tree In Knights Landing

A massive tree toppled in the early morning winds falling onto Highway 113 near Woodland. Unfortunately, one driver didn’t see the downed tree in time and slammed right into it.