Call Kurtis Investigates: Thieves Can Use Smartphones to Clone Your KeysI decide to test it out with my own house key. San Francisco based requires you to upload images from the front and back of the key. The cost is $6 for the first key which you can pay by credit card. Within three days, my key arrives. I test it out with my home, and it let me in with no problem.
Call Kurtis: Wedding Venue Decides To Issue Refund After Woman's Fiancé DiesJust a week after her fiance's death, Amanda said she called wedding venue owner to cancel. Amanda said he told her he would work to give her money back – only if he could rebook her date.
Call Kurtis: Store Won't Replace Recalled Washer That Rips ClothesAfter two years and eight service visits, the washer is still clanging, wasting water and destroying her family's clothes, a Sacramento mother of two told Call Kurtis.
Call Kurtis Investigates: Who's Behind Illegal Robocalls?Robocalls are illegal under federal law, and have been for four years. While Call Kurtis was investigating complaints about Ray the robocaller, one of our Call Kurtis volunteers got a carpet cleaning robocall at home. But this time no mention of Ray.
Call Kurtis: I Paid My Taxes in 1995, But Now Can't Prove ItBill Elkins has always paid his taxes, he said. So when the 66-year-old grandfather got a letter from the state saying he owed back taxes from 17 years ago, he wasn't happy.
Tonight At 10: Call Kurtis Exposes Spa DangersCould this happen to you? Tonight at 10, Call Kurtis investigates spa mistakes.
Call Kurtis: My Career Courses Weren't State Certified... Now What?Trisha Stonecipher paid for an education at Boston Reed College, only to learn the school she attended may not certify her for the job. Realizing her classmates may also be stuck, she called Kurtis to investigate.
Call Kurtis: Why Can't I Bring My Number To New Phone Company? A Sacramento teacher switched phone companies and wanted to bring her number with her. When it still wasn't transferred after a month, she called Kurtis.
Call Kurtis: Get Paid to Do Home ImprovementsThe holidays might not be the easiest time to handle home improvement projects, but making a couple upgrades before the end of the year could save you hundreds of dollars on your tax and utility bills.
Call Kurtis: I Thought My Home Was Connected To The SewerImagine buying your first house, then learning just days later, it's not the home you thought it was. A Fair Oaks woman called Kurtis Ming when she learned her house isn't attached to the public sewer.
Call Kurtis: Do I Have to Pay Early Termination Fees?
Call Kurtis: I Was Overcharged! How Do I Get a DMV Refund? There's confusion about that 30-day grace period for DMV renewal fees. A Grass Valley viewer called Kurtis when he was forced to pay a late fee, he shouldn't have paid!