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File photo of coins (Credit: CBS13)

Call Kurtis: Can I Trust These Machines?

You’ve probably seen them at the grocery store. Those coin counting machines, like Coinstar, where you throw in your loose change and get cash. But a Sacramento woman says she was shorted so she called Kurtis.


Phone Bills

Call Kurtis: Phone Companies Cashing In on Cramming, Unauthorized Charges

Jon and Penny Wells live a busy life. They love spending time with their dog and their grandkids, but instead they’ve found themselves spending time on the phone, fighting unauthorized charges that have popped up on their phone bills.



Call Kurtis: Give Me My Records

A state worker, in pain every day, says she can’t get a much needed operation, because her doctor refuses to hand over her own medical records. After eight months of waiting, it was time to call Kurtis Ming.


Buy it and try it

Buy It & Try It: Go-Duster

The third graders in Miss Tseng’s class at Glenwood Elementary say when they go home, they’ve got chores.


Harassed By Fake Creditors

Call Kurtis: Debt Collection Scam

The FBI is warning consumers of a scam which involves high-pressure calls from people asking you to pay a debt you never really had.


call kurtis

Call Kurtis: Friday the 30th Convention

They paid good money to immerse themselves in blood, guts, and gore. The tickets alone weren’t cheap; they paid $178 for a convention that was supposed to happen last summer.


(Credit: Robyn Beck/Getty Images)

Call Kurtis: Driving Record Errors

It’s no secret that dealing with the Department of Motor Vehicles can try ones nerves.


Airport Waiting

Call Kurtis: Where’s My Ride?

A Placerville woman paid good money for a limo service to take her to and from the airport. But after getting stranded on the return trip home she called Kurtis Ming.



Call Kurtis: Yellowing Car

Sports car owner Jim Campbell has a paint problem.



Call Kurtis: Walmart Responds To Gift Receipt Investigation

The beauty of a gift receipt is that you can give a present without a price tag and the gift can still be returned.



Call Kurtis Investigates: Weapon Of Mass Distraction?

It’s a small device you can hold in the palm of your hand and can cause a catastrophe in the sky. Lasers, that are so powerful the beams can temporarily and even permanently blind a pilot.



Call Kurtis Investigation: Walmart Caught Shortchanging Customers Using Gift Receipts

Walmart tops the list of Fortune 500 companies, bringing in the most revenue. Our hidden camera investigation uncovered a practice that may be adding to those profits. The practice has some customers and consumer advocates outraged.