Lake Natoma


NCAA Rowing Championships Draw Athletes From Across Country To Lake Natoma

The economic benefits are spilling over from the shores of Lake Natoma to nearby retail shops and restaurants, and hotel managers are doing their best to reel in those tourist dollars.


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Best Lakeside Getaways Near Sacramento

When you want a relaxing getaway, sitting by a lake could just about be the best thought you could think of. Fortunately there are very good choices around here. Stay in the cityscape, or head to the country side or up to the mountains. The lakes are wonderful and waiting for you to pitch your chair, sit down and relax.


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Best Places To Sunbathe In Sacramento

Summer is on the way. When it arrives, things get hot in Sacramento. Fortunately, we have places to relax and soak up the sun in comfort. Rivers, lakes and parks are all over the place, and the Sierra Nevada is within a short drive.


Lake Natoma Drowning

Drowning Victim’s Body Recovered From Lake Natoma

The body of a drowning victim was pulled from Lake Natoma early Saturday morning.


water rescue

Man’s Body Recovered After Disappearing In Lake Natoma

A nice day on the lake turned to tragedy after a man swimming with friends went under water and never came up.


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Best Places to Enjoy July 4th in Sacramento

The pursuit of happiness will be a short quest Sacramentans this Independence Day. Sing and dance, wine and dine, and run and play under the stars as the rocket’s reds, whites and blues blast from above during this year’s fireworks displays. For the best views and amenities, check out Sacramento’s top places to bask in 4th of July fun this holiday.


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Best Mountain Biking Escapes Around Sacramento

With so much varied terrain to chose from, Sacramento is a paradise for the knobby-tire crew. Choose the ride that fits your off-trail needs from these five local backroads.


Kayaker Finds Man’s Body Floating In Lake Natoma

A kayaker has found a body floating in Lake Natoma, according to California State Parks Police.


rescue canal

Man Rescued From Canal After Being Trapped For Several Hours

Fire fighters rescued a man Sunday morning who had been trapped in a canal for hours near Lake Natoma.

CBS13/CW31 Television–07/11/2011