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The Don Geronimo Show

The Don Geronimo Show – July 18, 2013

Don started the show off talking about an old DJ he used to work with, The Grease Man and played some old Grease Man air-checks. Don then played some air-checks of himself DJing back when […]

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The Don Geronimo Show

The Don Geronimo Show – May 29, 2013

Today, in this Hump Day edition of the Don Geronimo Show, the crybabies on Twitter are spreading to the text line, Drew’s pissed about the Sharks losing, Craig is back to chasing tail, and Don […]

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The Don Geronimo Show

The Don Geronimo Show – March 13, 2013

The day begins with Drew’s new sleep schedule, in which he sleeps from noon to 8 pm, in order to be more alert in the morning for the show. We then hear about Don’s acupuncture […]

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The Don Geronimo Show – July 19, 2012

Don begins the day by telling us that Julie Chen will be on the show next week, but that her publicist will be keeping a watchful eye on Don, making sure he’s nice to her, […]

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Audio: The Don Geronimo Show – June 8, 2011

Today, Dave’s encounter with Melissa’s softball shirt, Accordians Rock, and more Anthony Weiner! Don talks about Opie and Anthony posting Anthony Weiner’s weiner on Twitter, and Dave has to get his house clean before Melissa […]

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