Photo Credit: Juliet Farmer

Major Debates Await Calif. Lawmakers After Break

Lawmakers returning this week from their spring recess face fast-approaching deadlines for several critical decisions.


Hawaii Investigation

California Lawmakers Treated To Luxury Hawaii Resort By Special Interest Groups

A group of California lawmakers spent last week at a luxury hotel, all expenses paid, while attending an issues conference – unaware that CBS political reporter Dave Bryan tagged along with a hidden camera.


The California Capitol in Sacramento

State Lawmakers Focus On Jobs

State lawmakers have addressed circumcision and foam takeout containers this year, but the state’s backsliding economy and dismal jobs outlook are dominating the end of the legislative session.


Immigrant Groups Protest Deportation Of Elvira Arellano

Calif. Lawmakers Want Out Of Immigrant Fingerprinting Program

California congressional members are asking Gov. Jerry Brown to suspend the state’s participation in a Homeland Security program that aims to deport dangerous criminals.


Bill Would Boost County Funds For State Prisonsers

State lawmakers have revised a bill to give counties more funding as they prepare to house up to 40,000 inmates who will be transferred from state prisons.


The California Capitol in Sacramento

Calif. Educators Warn Of Dire Budget Consequences

Education officials are warning lawmakers that a shorter school year, larger class sizes and teacher layoffs are ahead if the Legislature resorts to an all-cuts budget to close a deficit that once stood at nearly $27 billion.


The California Capitol in Sacramento

California Panel Slashes Funds For Legislator Vehicles

A state panel has slashed the amount of money California taxpayers will spend to keep legislators on the road.



Calif Lawmakers Barred From Having Guns In Capitol

The speaker of the California Assembly is blocking permission given to four lawmakers to carry concealed weapons inside the state Capitol.


The California Capitol in Sacramento

California Assembly Officials To Carry Guns Full-Time

The recent shooting of an Arizona congresswoman and threats against California lawmakers have prompted a change in the state Assembly, where the officials who guard lawmakers will begin carrying handguns full-time.



Calif. Lawmakers Focus On Anti-Bullying Efforts

California lawmakers responding to concerns that schoolyard bullying has led to increased suicides and truancy passed a resolution Friday calling attention to the problem.


The California Capitol in Sacramento

Calif. Lawmakers Pass Cuts, But Budget Unfinished

Indicating they have gone as far as they can for now, California lawmakers on Thursday took a break from budget votes after tackling about half of the state’s $26.6 billion shortfall through cuts, loans and transfers.


Governor, Lawmakers To Work Over Weekend On Budget

Key lawmakers are staying close to the Capitol this weekend as Gov. Jerry Brown tries to work out a compromise on the state budget.