South Carolina Lawmakers Propose Bill To Ban Saggy Pants In PublicA bi-partisan effort is looking to fine anyone wearing sagging pants in public.
California Lawmakers Approve Presidential Primary In March
California Lawmakers To Tackle Housing Crisis, ImmigrationCalifornia lawmakers return Monday from a monthlong break with a busy agenda that includes tackling the state's housing crisis and deciding whether to make California a statewide sanctuary for people living illegally in the U.S.
Sex With Animals Just Recently Outlawed In OhioAs of last week, it's now officially illegal to engage in sexual activities with an animal.
CA Lawmakers, Unions Strike Deal To Raise Minimum Wage To $15
California Lawmakers Weigh Revamped Health Insurance TaxCalifornia lawmakers are expected to take action Monday on a tax package aimed at appeasing federal regulators and preventing a $1.1 billion funding hole in the state's health insurance program for low-income Californians.
Calif. Lawmakers To Vote On Budget With More Money For Public SchoolsCalifornia lawmakers are taking up a $117.5 billion spending plan that sends even more money to public schools and adopts a new tax credit for the working poor.
Senate Ends Free After-Hours Transportation For LawmakersThe leader of the California Senate says he's ending a practice of providing free after-hours transportation to lawmakers in an effort to restore public trust.
State Assembly Leaders Free To Spend From Fund With Little OversightCalifornia Assembly leaders control a large fund they can use to boost programs of their choice without a single hearing or vote.
State Lawmakers Vote To Speed Up Water Projects Meant To Bring Relief, Fund Infrastructure ProjectsCalifornia lawmakers are considering a plan to speed up more than $1 billion in water spending as the drought persists.
California Bill Would Have State Help Cover Working Parents' Child Care Costs“It's been many times I've been let go from jobs because I couldn't find child care,” said child care advocate Shavone Brown. Now she can afford childcare with a good paying job from the state. But years ago, it was a different story for the single mother of two.
Lawmakers Approve Statewide Ban On Plastic BagsLawmakers are sending Gov. Jerry Brown a bill that would make California the first to impose a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags.