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Economists Say Full Job Recovery For Sacramento Within The YearSacramento is poised to end 2015 with the accomplishment of having achieved full job recovery at 2007 levels.
Sacramento Jobs Report: Report Names Top 25 Up-And-Coming Job Fields For MillennialsJill Schlesinger says the advocacy group “Young Invincibles” examined government data on pay, projected growth and the share of young people working in each
Sacramento Hospital Event Manager's Education Played An Invaluable RoleAs special events coordinator for Shriners Hospital of Northern California, Joseph Ramos makes sure that events thrown on the hospital's behalf are organized and run as smoothly as possible.
Sacramento Jobs Report: Customer Service Week Celebrates Unsung Heroes Of WorkforceJill Schlesinger reports next week is Customer Service Week. A week to celebrate the many unsung heroes of the workforce. As the front line of companies, these workers are vital to almost every organization.
Sacramento Jobs Report: As Of 2014, 24M Entrepreneurs In U.S.Jill Schlesinger reports as of last year, there were 24 million entrepreneurs in the United States; that’s 14 percent of the population and the highest rate recorded since Babson and Baruch Colleges began studying entrepreneurship in 1999.
Sacramento Infusion Nurse Advocates For A Varied EducationA passion for her profession as well as a clear understanding why she's chosen her line of work after years "working in the field" is what makes Megan Ober a great nurse.
Sacramento Jobs Report: Breaking Into The Insurance IndustryJill Schlesinger offers some advice about having a career in the insurance industry.
Sacramento Jobs Report: Starting Salaries Are Expected To RiseJill Schlesinger says according to staffing consultancy Robert Half, the technology sector is projected to see the greatest pay gains next year, with base salaries rising an average of 5.3 percent.
Sacramento Attorney Says The Desire To Practice Law Is EssentialGetting a law degree is required to practice law. But law school only gives you the background information to actually do the job. The real nuts and bolts are learned on the job and with mentors.
Clinical Psychologist Helps Patients With A Wide Range Of Challenges"The best part of my job is when I see a client's life change for the better because of the work we have done together." says Lindsay Shortliffe.
Leisure And Hospitality Leads Sacramento Job GrowthSacramento did see an uptick in unemployment from 5.6 percent to 6 percent. But most of the report focused around eight sectors with month-over increases in jobs.
Education Is Just The Beginning For Sacramento Psychology ProfessorThe academic world is changing a lot today, but it remains potentially one of the most rewarding careers one can experience if one is willing to work hard and with focus on the goals that have taken you there.